Review: Chris Tucker’s Netflix Special, ‘Chris Tucker Live’


I call myself a comedy “enthusiast”. Someone who admires Comedians. I watch all types of comedies from stand up to movies, even the short skits found on Instagram and Vine. But by far my favorite to watch of all categories is stand up comedy. There is an element there where comedians have first-hand feedback on the jokes and stories that they choose to share with their audience. If the jokes are funny, the audience would respond with a roar of laughter and if the jokes aren’t lending or they start to bomb, then you can probably assume it would be the opposite. I have watched many stand up comedy specials, dating back to the 70s with Redd Fox, Moms Mabley, Bill Crosby, Paul Mooney, the 80s with Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, the 90s with Def Comedy Jam, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and the more recent Comedians of today Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Donald Glover. One of my favorite comedians (next to Kevin Hart, of course) Is Chris Tucker. Some of my favorite movies of all time star Chris, from “The Fifth Element” to the “Rush Hour” Trilogy and most definitely “Friday” the movie starring next to the NWA Rapper Ice Cube. But this is all trivial information.


Back in November of 2012, Chris filmed his very first comedy special in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia at the Legendary Fox Theater. Days before filming, Chris appeared on the Yolanda Adams Morning Radio Talk Show where he stated that he wanted to do “stand up comedy all his life”. Back in March, Netflix announced plans to premiere the Movie solely on their media streaming site. This is the first project Chris has starred and produced through his production company, Chris Tucker Entertainment. This past week it premiered on Netflix with a welcoming response. It would appear that many of his fans, myself included, really missed Chris’ brand of comedy.

The movie starts off a photo-montage of pictures from Chris’ childhood. It gave a feeling of what was to be expected from this film, a look into his life, his perspective on subjects of today, a film about Chris Tucker. He spoke on his thoughts about marriage, his dating life, his friendship with The Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson and his past hiccup with a Tax Lien, that has since been settled with the IRS. He goes further in the film declaring, he has no interest in participating in the last addition to “Friday” the movie, which saddens me a bit considering the Comedian Mike Epps being a predecessor to Chris as a relative of Ice Cube’s character. Towards the end of the movie, Chris spoke of his younger days with his family, his high school years, being the youngest of six children, going to church with his Mother and a crazy uncle John.

There are many things I can say that I have walked away from watching this film, the first being Chris has not lost his touch in the bit of the least. He is still punctual with his delivery, animated with his stories and massively creative with his jokes. With a lot of comedians who eventually suffer from burn out, I. e. Dave Chappelle or allowed life to take a toll on them, Katt Williams, Chris has taken his Financial Struggles, his run-in with the Law and added a comedic spin to it. He opens his personal life to his audience and allows us to laugh with him. I would highly recommend anyone to watch this video If they are a true lover of comedy such as myself. There is never a dull moment and he will keep you in stitches, figuratively.

Chris Tucker with his mother and father

(Chris Tucker with The Late Michael Jackson during the filming of “You Rocked My World” in 2001)