Guest Blogger: StephRoyalty on 11 Things To Know About Dating A Musician

*I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie through a #MYCC (My Creative Connection) chat a few weeks ago on twitter and we pretty much clicked from there. One night Stephanie and I came up with a proposition that would benefit us both. We both decided to write a piece to be shared on one anothers sites to share our personal opinions about the life of dating musicians. Stephanie explains 11 things you should know about dating a musician. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. *

11 Things To Know About Dating A Musician

Some women want to date musicians for the glitz and glam not really understanding what it takes to be with one. Yes you ride around in fancy cars (if he’s that big), you get to fly all around the world with them, but there’s so much more to dating a musician than one may think. The emotional rollercoaster they put you through alone may have one thinking twice about trying to get with the next big star. Are you really ready to deal with the groupies? The media?  The loneliness? Lets get into the TOP 11 things you need to know about dating a musician!

Groupies- I talk about groupies on my blog and I try to explain to people that there are levels to GROUPIEDOM! There is the groupie who will shamelessly flirt with your man via twitter, then there is the groupie who will practically try to suck his dick in front of you. Unfortunately it’s the name of the game, people are going to flirt with your man. You have to be able to decipher which type of flirting to ignore and what type of flirting you need to shut down personally.

Rumors- There will be rumors about him all of the effin time! One minute you’ll hear he’s having triplets, the next day you might hear he’s being casted on love and hip hop, the next day you’ll hear he has a ghost writer. Now I’m not saying EVERY rumor isn’t true BUT prepare yourself because, these are the everyday struggles of a superstar. They constantly have to clear their name of BS!

 You will be lonely- If he’s successful he will most likely always be booked, which means he will rarely be home. You will get lonely it’s just the name of the game. The second best thing would be FaceTime, Texts, Phone Calls, and care packages. The only thing that cures loneliness for me is jumping into my work and staying busy. The busier you stay the less likely you’ll be sitting at home taking your loneliness out on some Talenti Gelato.

Trust-  Let me save you some time, If you can NOT trust your man let him go! If you can’t trust your rockstar at the local strip club ten minutes from your house, do you think he’s going to be faithful performing out the country??? Trust is EVERYTHING in a relationship! If you can’t trust him LET HIM GO, LET HIM GO, LET HIM GO!

You need a Passport- Most of these artist are constantly traveling and sometimes get to perform at beautiful places all over the world! He will most likely want you with him chillien on a tropical island and frolicking butt naked after his show. GET A PASSPORT!

Slay- You must be in complete slay mode at all times. You will have thousands of women trying to take your spot. You snagged your superstar because he was initially attracted to you, it is your job to keep that physical attraction going! Hit the gym, eat right, find yourself a wig slayer, a wardrobe specialist  and a makeup artist that performs magic!

Know his music- It’s one thing to meet a guy who is a musician and NOT know his music but, if you start dating him LEARN HIS MUSIC! It shows him that you’re interested in him on another level and that you actually want to get to know him. As odd of a couple that I thought Big Sean and Ariana Grande were I watched an interview he did where he said he remembered meeting her and she said she knew his songs. He didn’t really believe her until she started spitting bars from his album. It surprised him, peaked his interests and next thing you know they were an item!  Learn his music!

LQ and Drugs might be around– Don’t be surprised if you see lq and maybe even drugs around at parties or during studio time! Doesn’t even have to be his or from his camp, it could be the outsiders he’s partying/working with. Unfortunately the life of a musician is sometimes (a lot of times) a big party and at most parties there’s always liquor and sometimes even drugs! That’s the entertainment business in general to be honest. What you need to do is make sure your rockstar isn’t partying “too hard”. A little drinking is normal, maybe even some weed, but if he’s popping pills and overdosing? Yea, no!

The Stress of the Industry- People always only think about the glitz and glam of the entertainment business but, there is so much more going on behind the scenes. You’re dealing with management, pr people, deadlines, it can become incredibly stressful. You should be his breathe of fresh air away from the stress. Be his shoulder to complain on and really try to create a stress free environment for him when he gets home.

Emotional Rollercoaster: Musicians are the most emotional creatures that have ever walked the planet, which is why they give us so much amazing music! One minute their spirits are up, next second they hate life and want to shave their heads bald. It’s the name of the game. Think about it like this they try to create music that the fans can relate to, things that touch our souls, which sometimes leads them deep into their darkest feelings.  Whether you want to or not be prepared to take that emotionally draining ride with them.

The media: You are dating one of the hottest up and coming rappers and you think the media doesn’t want to know who the hell you are? They will dig up any and everything they can find on you because … they can. Your pictures will be in gossip sites, the comments under your pictures will be rude and uncalled for, and TMZ may or may not follow you down the streets of NYC. If you have a sketchy past you may want to think twice about dating Mr. Superstar.

Good luck with your musicians ladies and remember if all else fails SLAY!




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