Draking: The Cause and Effect of Drake and Texting


Do not Drake and text! No, you did not read that wrong. It’s a campaign to prevent lonely individuals from contacting their exes in hopes of reconciliation and mending their broken heart. Well, it may not be a real campaign, but it should be. As you may know, Grammy-winning artist and the President of the Light Skin Community (Just Kidding. That’s Chris Brown) Drake has been described as a more than an emotional artist. To Drake and text or in simpler terms, “Start Draking” is to show signs of extreme emotional stress. Draking is often confused with just being Emo, so make sure you are draking out and not just emo because this article will probably not be of use to you.



Draking out in my past and current experiences have been triggered by many of things; Weather, Songs, Reading of old messages. The most dangerous of all Draking is a combination of all three. Imagine a stormy night with thunder and lightning and here you are reading old messages from your ex-girl while listening to The Weeknd and his emotional ass. Before you know it, BOOM! You are on the phone asking if she will take you back for the hundredth time because you were just “trippin” and she knows that. I have (and probably will again) suffered from the trifecta, and I will explain just how to successfully counteract it.

Listed below are songs that has caused me to DRAKE AND TEXT:


Warning: Do not listen to any of these songs if you had recently suffered from a breakup or have a tendency to “DRAKE OUT” in unusual places.

1. Chris Brown ft/ Jhenè Aiko – Drunk Texting (Listen)
2. Usher ft/ Rick Ross – Lemme See (Listen)
3. Toni Braxton – Seven Whole Days (listen)
4. Drake – Connect (listen)
5. Jhenè Aiko – Wading (listen)
6. Mary J. Blige – Seven Days (listen)
7. Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk (listen)
8. Rihanna – Where have you been? (listen)
9. Jamie Foxx ft/ Drake – Fall for your type (listen)
10. Michael Jackson – Who Is It? (The Rejection Mix) (Listen)
11. 3T – Anything (listen)
12. Faith Evans – Soon as I get home (listen)
13. JoJo – Take the canyon (listen)
14. Beyoncè – 1+1 (listen)
15. Jennifer Lopez – I, Love (listen)
16. J. Cole – Intro (2014 Forest Hill Drive Album) (listen)
17. Janet Jackson – Come Back to me (listen)
18. Bruno Mars – Moonshine (listen)
19. Erykah Badu – In love with you (listen)
20. Tommy Parker – Remember Me (listen)
21. Bee Gees – How deep is your love? (listen)
22. Austin Brown – To Love Her (listen)
23. Mickey Shiloh – Sheets (listen)
24. Carl Thomas – Emotional (listen)
25. The Weeknd – What you need (listen)

So you’ve probably listened to one or two of these songs and is now tempted to call or text your ex right now. Before you put yourself in a situation you may regret tomorrow, just stop. Ask yourself these questions before you press that send button.

1. Who broke up with who? And Why?
2. Were there cheating involved?
3. Has this Ex already shown signs of moving on?
4. Has there been talks of reconciliation?
5. Has Drake written a song that fits your current situation?

I know what you’re thinking. “So what if Drake has written a song relating to my situation. What does that have to do with me?” Well, a lot. If anyone can bounce back from a broken heart, it’s the 6 God, himself. Besides, did Drake really sound happy in that song? Probably not. So as a recovering Drakeaholic, I am going to give you 3 tips on how to counteract the process of Draking before shit hits the fan.

TIP #1: As harsh as this may sound, you’re going to have to remove all of your potential Drake-triggering music off of your phone. But don’t worry, its only temporary. Any songs that remind you of your ex, songs that he used to sing to you over the phone, that one song she gave you a lap dance to, yeah. All of those joints gotta go. You need time to heal and (possibly) move on. If you started to cry every time you hear Trey Songz or Lana Del Rey, then swiftly transfer your music to your computer and put it in a “DO NOT TOUCH” folder. Thank me later.

TIP #2: The next thing that has to go is..yeah..guessed it. Those dreadful text messages or Direct Messages that are keeping you stagnant. You’ve been reading and re-reading til the point you can recite them with your eyes closed. Wondering to yourself, “What went wrong?“, “Was it your fault? Was it their fault?” Unfortunately, the answers may not be in those dreadful messages, which will only make you continue to look for answers unfound. So again, if you are highly sentimental about things like I am, screenshot all of your text messages and place them in a folder on your computer. Give yourself a chance to heal from the hurt by removing the things that continue the hurt.

TIP #3: Now that you have removed the songs and text messages that put you in your FEELZ, the next and final step of avoiding the embarrassing moment of singing Keith Sweat songs over the phone is clean up your social media accounts. You probably have them on Facebook, haven’t announced the break-up, have you? Or you probably have sat on their timeline on twitter most of the day, waiting to see if they will flirt with a follower. Stop punishing yourself by watching their every move. Remove or (kindly) mute them, so you don’t have to go through the excruciating torture. ANYTHING that is meant to be, will be. Always. In the meantime, focus on Y.O–you. A breakup can be very intense and devastating, and you have to give yourself time to mourn over it. Find a new hobby, Join a Book club, Buy a video game or simply write until your heart is happy again.

But if you happen to find yourself DRAKING after all, just remember one thing… If no one else understands, Drake understands. [Insert Heart Here]