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There is this perception that you have to find a niche or a focus for your blog for it to be successful.


When I was going through my phase in life where I was struggling and nothing seem to be working for what I wanted to do in regards to my career. I have learned that my suffering was a result due to my constant mood swings and being constantly annoyed with people always offering unsolicited advice or comments. My mother and I aren’t big on pep talks, we are the kind of people that tend to dig themselves out of holes based on our ability to plan and execute. But the one time I called her for advice she gave me probably the best piece of advice I’ve ever received. She said:

In today’s world nothing is concrete, you can’t just go up one avenue and expect success. You have to keep doing a lot of things for that one thing to come together for you.”

Ever since I heard those words spoken to me I’ve been on a tear. Whether it’s career wise or it’s blogging wise, I’ve been dibbling and dabbling in everything I can get my hands on. Surprisingly there are things that I would’ve never thought I would thrive in that works for me. For instance blogging wise, I was doing book reviews for a couple of months and I stopped because I didn’t think my words were getting anywhere with that. I was definitely wrong because one book I reviewed,For Single People Who Still Understand The Value of Relationships By Rob Hill Sr. was actually loved by the man himself. He left a dope message on twitter for me and every time it’s tweeted he retweets it onto his timeline. I had also reviewed I Declare By Joel Osteen in which his publishing company got a hold of me and said they loved my review and actually sent his new book before it came out so I could review it.

All of that because I stepped out of my box and decided to do something new that I’ve never done before. You never know what can happen until you step out there and try, failing isn’t the worse thing that can happen, being so scared that you don’t try is.

I say all that to say if you’re a fashion blogger, a travel blogger or a beauty blogger, it’s ok to step out there and try different things on YOUR blog. Life isn’t one dimensional and you’re not always going to want to talk about the same thing, no matter how much you love it. So it’s ok to dedicate a portion of your blog to something that you want to try, who knows, one of your readers might really like it and they will encourage you to do more.

The internet is a big place where SEO makes it relatively easy to find you and your content because believe it or not, there are people out there searching their names and they are reaching out to people to work with. That’s evident with Joel Osteen’s publishing company finding me and my review. So whenever you see someone and they tell you to stick to what you know, tell them to shove it and you go all out for whatever it is that you want to talk about.

At the end of the day it’s YOUR blog and it’s how YOU feel, so do whatever makes you happy.

Until next time guys!

Devon Young, Cold Knowledge Creator
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Editor Note:
I had the pleasure of meeting Devon on twitter and was immediately captivated by his knowledge of life and his encouraging words. Devon has a way of drawing you in without overwhelming you with stats and facts to prove his theories. He is one of the best bloggers I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a honor to know him.