Is the media being prejudice against Chris Brown?


There are two things that I believe in most, Forgiveness and Loyalty. Both which are hard to find nowadays. I have both forgiveness and loyalty for Chris because he merits it. Forgiveness because he is young, he is maturing up to becoming a fine human being and a doting dad to his daughter Royalty. Loyalty because outside of Team Breezy, it is a cold world out there and unfortunately they aren’t as forgiving and it has been affecting his livelihood. It’s been six years since the incident between Chris and Rihanna happened, they even dated since then. Then why aren’t the media for giving Chris? Why won’t they allow him live? Make his money in peace?


When Chris first came out back in 2004, I was a junior going into my senior year of High School. The album “CHRIS BROWN“, his debut album went double platinum. He was the poster child for fresh, raw talent. He could sing, he could dance and he bore a baby face that sealed the deal. Three years afterwards, “EXCLUSIVE” was released which also later went double platinum. With hit songs like, “Kiss Kiss”, “With You“, and “Wall to Wall“, Chris was on top of the globe, with opportunities and support coming from every angle possible.

From 2009 to this present day, Chris’ reputation has been tarnished from his choice of actions and from prejudice in the media. Mostly, it’s the latter. Despite the media’s attempts of building a reputation of a disturbed young man, Chris goes on to release four more albums, “GRAFFITI”, “F.A.M.E”, “FORTUNE” and last year’s release “X“. Altogether very good music from a talented performer. The sales of “Graffiti” however, said otherwise. Was Chris blackballed in the industry? I believe so, yes. Two years after the release of “Graffiti“, it was published that it sold less than 500,000 copies in the US. Which was unusual considering how successful the predecessors were. “F.A.M.E” was released the same year, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 charts. It was as well that year Chris appeared on Good Morning America and was asked about his past indiscretions with Rihanna. As a devotee who was watching this program, I could witness the clenching of his jaw as he was asked this question for the hundredth time. Today I don’t know if his Publicist or Manager made it clear that she [Rihanna] was not to be brought up, but I do understand that he made it clear that he wanted to speak about his album and career standpoint. We all pretty much know what happened after that. Since then, Chris had been arrested, served a stint in Rehab and jail, had two big publicized fights with two R&B artists, two big break ups and found out he was a father. But throughout all the bad that the media reported, Chris has done a whole lot of good as well. He has funded programs to train youth on issues of domestic violence. He has taken part in a number of celebrity events to raise money for charities and even launched his own in 2012, Symphonic Love. And within the first year of the launch, 11 scholarships were offered to the “Debbie Allen Dance Academy“.

Chris Brown has supported the following charities during the course of his career:

AIDS Project Los Angeles
Aid Still Required
Best Buddies International
Creative Visions Foundation
Debbie Allen Dance Academy
Get Schooled Foundation

Home again
Jenesse Center
Red Cross
Stand Up To Cancer
Symphonic Love Foundation

I think that we all make choices that doesn’t often characterize us in the best light. I realize that some people are more emotional and reactive than others. To be a fan of Chris, is not to create excuses for him and the things that he has done. Its to forgive him and endorse his music regardless. I talk on the behalf of myself when I say that Chris has grown up a lot since finding out that he has a daughter. Royalty has been his saving grace, and children tend to have that outcome on people. Has the media forgiven Chris? I don’t believe that they have. There have been times where Chris has been diminished in the optics of the Entertainment Industry, but his fans, his album sales and tour sales say different. It is time that Chris is forgiven and left to make his music without the prejudice.

“He’s not the monster everybody thinks. He’s a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He’s giving and loving.” – Rihanna (January 2013)