The Jacksons: Next Generation (Review)


First, I can’t start off this post without Fangirling just a tad bit. Straight off, I have been a fan of this family for as far as I can remember. And I have always known them for being very private people. When The Brothers decided to share their lives with us back in 2010, it was such a privilege to witness the family out of the spotlight only for a minute to show that they are just as normal as the next family. Although they were coping (and still coping) With the loss of their beloved Michael, they nonetheless continue to perform and entertain for their fans. Nevertheless, “The Jacksons: Next Generation is a little less about the brothers and more so of their children and grandchildren. Taj, Taryll and TJ are also known as 3T shares their personal home lives with the public to give a better view to the media who has not always been kind on the Jacksons’ name.

Taj is the oldest of the three brothers, he has been wedded to his beautiful wife Thayana for two years. Thayana is also the oldest out of her sisters, a set of triplets. I am not certain if she will be a part of the show just yet, but only time will tell. Besides being a part of 3T, Taj, is also a photographer and a filmmaker. “Code Z: The Series” is a short film that Taj created along with his wife Thayana and sisters-in-law Thaisa and Thaina Sco. A film that was a pretty big hit in the family fan base.
After an unknown virus invades a co-ed boarding school, a group of high school students must band together and make one last ditch effort to escape their infected-ridden campus.” (Facebook official page) Taj stated that Code Z: The Series was inspired and dedicated to his uncle Michael. He also explains that before his uncle passed away, they would share ideas about getting into filming together and that has birthed this passion and goal in him today. Taj has always been an avid defender for this uncle and his family. We have seen how the media has lied, and misconstrued the truth to make money. And as a result, Taj has decided he wanted to create a documentary in his uncle’s memory to help stop the sensationalism that has been in an attempt to destroy his uncle’s legacy.

Taryll is the middle brother and was my childhood crush. (Insert heart eyes here) Different place, different time. Taryll has been with his girlfriend Breana Cabral for nine years. But this beauty has her own impressive resume. She started her own Event Planning business called, Breana Cabral Events where she sustains a large celebrity clientele, and currently working on a blog of her own. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Along with being a member of 3T, Taryll is also a doting father to Bryce and Adren Jackson. Both Bryce and Adren share the same musical interest and talents as their daddy and may even be performers one day in the future as well. I can honestly say, this is probably one of the few times that Taryll has been candid and vulnerable to the public. He stated how he has not completely healed from the death of his mother and how lost he feels now that his uncle is gone. But throughout it all, Taryll has been motivated more than ever to continue to create music with his brothers. With the release of his two solo projects, My Life Without You which was released on Mother’s Day 2012, May 13 in honor of his mother Mrs. Dee Dee Jackson. And Undeniable which was released on August 29, 2012 in honor of Michael. Taryll also shares the struggle from his weight gain and how he is trying to go back to his happier Taryll. All the more reason to envision just how ordinary this family truly is.

TJ is the baby of the brothers, is happily married to his wife Frances of 8 years. They have four children together, Royalty, Dee Dee, Jordanie and baby Rio. He is also the Stepdad to Lexci and Sage, a very family oriented man indeed. TJ is also the co-guardian to his three cousins, Prince, Paris and little Blanket, a privilege that he shares along with his grandmother Mrs. Katherine Jackson. Being the final piece to the 3T puzzle, TJ explained how it is arduous for him to split time with his brothers and music with his family. He feels that to be a great dad he has to spend as much time with his youngsters as possible. Which is something I totally agree with. However, just like Taj and Taryll he wants to produce great music and to look the part of perfection, in which he senses is not where they are at the present time. And only like any set of brothers, they have their disagreements in which their father Tito, being the coolest dad he is, comes and straightens everything out. But on a sadder note, TJ and his wife opted to share the devastating diagnosis of their youngest son, Rio. Rio was diagnosed with Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL) as known as Single Sided Deafness (SSD). But with prayers, positive encouragement and modern medical technology, we can keep in high hopes that there will be a remedy for this illness.

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode of a series I hope will insure a second season. It is welcoming to see the family share intimate moment that they ordinarily wouldn’t. I would recommend this show to anyone who has sustained a bad perception of The Jacksons by the hands of the media. They have always expressed how they are as normal as they come, they suffer from debilitating news just like others, but could never really cope, without the media putting their own spin to it. I like them all. I strongly feel that they are a talented and very outgoing family who truly doesn’t deserve the prejudice and judgement.