Negativity: How to cast it out of your life


Okay, perhaps the title is a little misleading. I mean, you can’t really cast negativity out of your life entirely. You can always run into somebody who is just miserable and unhappy, but you can stop it from affecting your personal space and peace of mind.
We all have met someone in our life who has been just undoubtedly miserable. The negative Nancy in your life, who although you wanted to call a friend just added that black cloud over your life. No sun in sight. There are ways to prevent that from disturbing your peace.

1. Meditation (Talk to your higher being):

Meditation has been around for many centuries and has been called different names but with the same outcomes. Peace. Meditation increases happiness and wellness. It furthers your social life and keeps you super focused. It lowers blood pressure, which can contribute to heart disease, reduces stress and provides a sense of calm, peace and balance. When you meditate or even talk to God, you are really centering yourself in your happy space. Think of yourself as Superman and meditation is your gateway to your fortress of solitude.

2. Keep your personal life..Personal. :

I am a social butterfly, if you look up the word extrovert, you will probably see a definition that fits my personality. I like to talk to people. Nevertheless, I have learned on more than several occasions that you can’t tell everyone, everything. People tend to become jealous over it and that is not your fault. Whether it’s a new job position, relationship or something important to you, this person can’t be happy for you and you don’t need that type of negativity in your life. If you are like anything like myself and prefer to see the good in people, despite the red flags, keep your personal business to yourself. If you know this person have a tendency to make a positive into a negative, don’t partake in sharing it with them. If they are truly a good friend, they will switch. If not, then you will change, and remove them from your life.

3. Disconnect from the negative source:

Negativity gets its power from misery. It’s like a power socket, and the sole way to pump negativity into someone’s life is with them being connected to it. Disconnect to reconnect. Reconnect with yourself, your happiness and your delight. When you are on a diet and you have a friend is who isn’t very motivating and instead bring sugary goodness around you, they don’t really respect your discipline, do they? Well, it is the same thing with a person who opts to bring negativity into your life when you are trying to live on a higher vibration. Misery does not like to be alone, it likes to take as many people to the party as possible. But you don’t have to allow that to happen to you. You can change that because you are the true creator of your own fate.

As I was writing this, I was on the brink of allowing negativity back into my life. I may have even welcomed it by granting it the attention it so sadly needs. But I have opted to go around it in a different route, by writing it out and helping my readers to not go down the same road as I have many times before. “You are a brand and you have to see yourself as one. And your social media accounts as one too.” My friend Tunisia shared with me. And she was dead on. Whether you desire to be an entertainer or a business owner, you have to take care of your reputation. Some people don’t care about how they look to other people, therefore, they will get nowhere near where they want to be in life. But that is their fate, it doesn’t give birth to be yours. Take note that no bad deed goes unpunished. When someone brings harm your way, convey it in mind that what do go around comes right back around. And you may not see it, and there may be a small chance that you won’t even hear about it, but faith will never let you down.