When your Hotline stop blinging..


The text messages stop, the phone calls has diminished and your notifications on your social media accounts haven’t been popping’ lately. No your phone isn’t dead, but it is on life support. Trust your phone is on the threshold of being acquainted with Jesus. But there are many ways to get that hotline of yours back on its feet. But first, let’s discover what the trouble is.

1. Everybody is in the Friendzone:

When you have a lot of friends that may not be of interest to you, you tend to hold them in the dreadful “Friend Zone”. Some people may be more conversant with the term than others, but it’s pretty much like a relationship matrix. Once you’re in, there is a slim chance, you’ll ever come out of it. Unfortunately, people will get the hint and stop chasing after you, e.g. Phone calls and text messages will cease.

2. You’re probably an asshole:

The term “A-hole” can be unisex. A man or a woman can be defined as one and if your intentions is to be an a-hole, then the name serves you correctly. People don’t like to be around them, associated with them, or seen with them. And there may be a chance your phone is dry as the Sahara Desert because of it. Perhaps you leave messages on read, maybe you take hours to respond back, you may even talk to them with no intentions on making it serious. By definition you are an asshole.

3. You have way too many contenders:

No one likes to feel like they are contending with several other people. And naturally, they may delete your number and move on to the next individual. When you have many “appetizers” on your plate, it can be quite frustrating for the other person to deal with. Yes, it is quite flattering to have many people fight for your heart and attention but to what cost? Someone’s feelings will get hurt and may be your own.

4. You probably left the city, and they have a reputation for their self now:

This was actually a problem for Drake, and it can be for you as well. Perhaps you were passing through the city and you met someone you really like and once you left, they continue their party lifestyle without you. It’s unfortunate and rather embarrassing because you probably thought you were important to them. Not to say you aren’t, but they are going to keep living their life as they once have. It may even have you stressed out. But no worries, once your hotline start to bling again..that can only mean one thing.

5. Your phone is off:

Your hotline probably isn’t blinging, ringing or dinging, because your phone is off. I recognize how expensive those AT&T bills can be. One month $80, next month $200 and it can take a toll on your love life. But when there is a will, there is a way. And the way is dealing with a cheaper phone company. Thank the phone Gods for Cricket, Metro PCS and Boost Mobile. For $60 bucks a month, that gives you an extra $100 for your pockets. Oh hell yeah! Can we truly live a Champagne life on a 40oz budget?No, no we can’t.

To all of these seemingly difficult problems, are solutions. And the solutions aren’t hard to make out. First thing first, keep your intentions pure and open. If you are not interested in a person the way they are with you, don’t string them on. Tell them the way it is and pray for the best. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. That’s a biblical principle, so therefore you should already know it. Don’t be an asshole to people who are showing interest in you. Make an effort and returning the sentiments, but only if its genuine. But only if you feel the same way for them. No one is going to continuously chase after you, if you aren’t contributing anything in return. Tell people ahead of time that you are flirting with other people. When you deal with more than one individual at a time and you don’t disclose that with those people, not only is it selfish but just morally wrong. You take away the choice of whether that position is worth dealing with for them. And the most significant solution of them all is, keep your phone on. Please people pay your telephone bill.