The Badu Effect: Organic relationships and Love affairs


When you think of the word Organic, it is almost always synonymous to “healthy“, “simple” and “natural“. So when you think of an organic relationship or love affair, you would naturally blend the three together. A healthy, simple and natural thing. Only not all relationships are simple and a lot of them aren’t healthy. But with this concept called, Human Nature, we are inclined and drawn to people who may or may not be right for us. Relationships with the right people will open your eyes to new heights of life, it will make you appreciate the wonders of the universe and you always walk away knowing more than you started with. That’s an example of a serious relationship. Still, bad relationships can teach you two things as well. It can teach you what you won’t tolerate, what you don’t deserve and what you don’t need in your life. And whether it is a relationship with a friend or lover, it will apply to all.


How do you know you have an organic relationship?

To know if you are in an organic relationship may be grueling for a person who has never been in a good relationship before. But it is in all likelihood one of the purest feelings you could ever feel. You will complete each other’s thoughts, and you will sense a magnetic and a captivating connection to this person. The thought that this individual was created just for you will come to mind. This connection can be scary and intimidating but it will pull you in like a moth to a flame.

In a non-organic relationship, although you may love the person, it’ll hit more obstacles than usual. The arguing and fighting become a pivotal piece of the relationship, and You will start to loathe being with that person. It would feel more like a job than a privilege to be with them. It will feel unnatural and you will get disheartened by it. There will be times that two opposites do attract one another, but it won’t hold out long.

Recollect, that an organic relationship is a spiritual one. It will make you not only question your beliefs, but also look at your perspective in a whole new manner. You may go out of your way by discovering what they like/love and making it a part of your DNA. I’m speaking figuratively of course. Most organic relationships have a sense of familiarity, a sense that you have been close to this person before. A past life connection, possibly. Actor Richard Gere once said, “When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it’s because of karma, some past connection.”.
With the idea of a strong and intuitive past connection, there are many signs that will come to rise. The ability to really push each other’s buttons, and the inability to walk away from one another. A substantial and deep emotional bond that may be addictive for you and the strong intensity that keeps the fire burning, whether positive or negative.

Most of the time, an organic relationship serves a sole purpose and once that purpose is completed, the strength behind that magnetic pull starts to go. This could be a relationship between allies, lovers or even family. But still, after the relationship loses its flame, they may still remain in one another’s lives because it will be hard to walk completely away.