David Bowie… The Legend


I had just woken up, preparing myself for the day when I found out the news. Half sleep, actually. But news like this usually wakes you up almost instantaneously anyway. To hear about the death of David Bowie brings me back to the day of the loss of Michael Jackson. That feeling of Global Mourning. Mourning felt all over the world. Whether you were a fan of his music, or his style statements, David Bowie changed the face of UK fashion in America forever. His androgynous appearance plays a huge role in his image, in the 1970s and 1980s. Along with Prince, Boy George, Elton John and so many others, Androgy became a phenomenal trend that can even be seen today by artists such as Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga and FKA Twigs. Only three days ago on January 8, David Bowie released his twenty fifth and final studio album entitled, “Blackstar” on his 69th birthday. It is stated that this album was inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “To pimp a butterfly” album, which was released in 2015. In his last music video for single, “Lazarus”, David Bowie appears to be laying on his dying bed, expressing his final thoughts one last time. The telltale lyrics and theme of the video depicts how he desired to be remembered as an Artist. As we play homage to another legend gone too soon, let’s play our part in changing the world by preserving their legacies while creating our own.

Farewell, Ziggy Stardust.