Muse Of The Week: Austin Brown


A lot of my friends, peers, associates and family knows when I love something tangible or intangible, it’s usually a lifelong loyalty. I have been a fan of The Jackson family for as long as I can recall. Dating back to the age of four years old. The same age that my son is today. I wasn’t altogether familiar with the children and grandchildren of The Jacksons until the last seven years. Learning how talented the entire family truly is.

My muse of this week is someone who has discovered how to maneuver through the industry while remaining true to himself. We have seen artists who have given up on themselves and their truth for a ready and easy jumpstart to fame. Their music is mediocre, their voice is less than brilliant, and they look like every other musician out there. But not Austin.

Never mind anything that anyone has ever heard, after six years of witnessing this man at work, This is a testimony. Somebody who writes about life experiences and draws the listener in. Like the singers of the past, it requires years of learning about yourself, about the people around you and incorporating that into a story that everyone can relate to. For the majority of today’s current musicians, they are either the brain (songwriter) Or the body (musician). It takes raw talent to be both.

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