The most incredible article about Mickey Shiloh you’ll ever read


So you’re probably reading this article and you’re probably thinking who is Mickey Shiloh and why should I be reading about her. Well, she is only one of the youngest and flyest “Unsigned Hype” today. And I know her. At 24, Mickey has composed songs for Janet Jackson, Pitbull, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. So pretty much all of your fave’s faves.

See Mickey has been surrounded by Hip Hop all of her life, which led to her writing music at the tender age of 8. Were you writing music in the second grade? By the time she reached her teen years, Mickey was a self-taught protegeè of Chad Beatz of Tastemaker music. Recording and mixing her own music, Mickey worked with Chad for two years and acquired her first major deal with Rap Artist Twista. At 17 years old, Mickey signed to Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and landed her first number one hit with Janet Jackson’s ” Make Me”. Beginner’s luck? I don’t think so. She continued on to write music for Artists Shontelle, Jasmine Villegas, Iggy Azalea, Cassie and LL Cool J. Mickey also penned the single “Night” featured on Janet’s highly anticipated “Unbreakable” album, aside the legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and long time friend Singer/Songwriter and Producer (Yes, ladies Triple threat) Tommy Parker.

Apart from writing for these big stars, Mickey has also released two Mixtapes “Dear Future” in 2011 and “In the garden of your mind” in 2012. She was also featured on “The Bay Report” Mixtape in 2014, along with Big Sean, E-40, 2 Chainz and more. Along with a library of covers and freestyles on her soundcloud page, have I convinced you that Mickey is the next Biggest star? If I haven’t maybe Mickey will herself.

You can listen to Mickey’s music on her Soundcloud page. And you can also follow the crazy life of Mickey Shiloh on instagram, facebook, twitter.

What do you feel distinguishes “an artist” from just a musician?

Mickey Shiloh: An artist is someone who takes into consideration everything other than just the music. They are thinking about branding, they are thinking about presentation of the music, etc. A musician is someone who has a musical ear and talent but isn’t necessarily thinking about how to ‘present’ the art. But obviously you can be both an artist and a musician… like me. *devil emoji*

How much creative control do you bear over your own music?

MS: 100%. Luckily I’m not signed to a record label so I have full control of everything.

For a musician who is just starting out, would you advise them to have complete creative control over their music or to trust in someone with more experience?

MS: Don’t sign shit. Build your own brand. NETWORK and form partnerships, but don’t sign to someone who is just selling you a dream or trying to build their own dream.

With the term “starving artist” almost always synonymous to indie musicians, how do you deal with major obstacles?

MS: A lot of artists are lazy. They don’t want to get a regular job. They make excuses like “I won’t have time to work on my music if I work at xyz”… I know this to be true because I was one of these people. I have never had a regular job… never worked for anyone other than myself. I have had such a supportive family who helped me financially for so long until I could finally take care of myself. This was a BLESSING. I remember telling my mom one time that I would live out of my car if they weren’t helping me. But now I am at a place where I am making money and I am able to SAVE and invest in MYSELF. You can’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Find other ways to make money that do not hinder your music goals and SAVE to self-invest.

Dating in general, do you prefer dating in or out of the industry? And why?

MS: I’ve mostly just dated people in the music industry. It’s not a why or why not thing, its just the people I’m around all the time. I think that its good to date within the industry because that person understands my lifestyle… but it also gets annoying to have TOO much in common. One day I’d love to meet someone that understands my lifestyle but is perhaps in a different business.

With so many rumors and drama that swirls around in the music industry, how do manage to stay above it all?

MS: It’s a small industry, but I really just chill with my close friends. I could care less what people say about me that don’t actually know me. As long as I’M cool with me, I’m cool.

How would you differentiate Michaela the woman from Mickey the Artist?

MS: Michaela and Mickey are two sides of the same coin. Michaela the woman is very much the same as Mickey the artist. Mickey is just easier to say and remember. (laughs)