Muse of the Week: Kwame Yagan


Sup everybody! It’s that time of week again where I will pick one person as my muse of the week. Muse of the week is a weekly post of people who I find invigorating and exciting. Whether they are entrepreneurs, models, vocalists, writers, etc. It is a platform to introduce my readers to people in the industry who are on their daily hustle and grind.

This week I chose someone that I am not all too familiar with, but hoping that in due time we will all see his beautiful face on billboards all over. His name is Kwame Yagan and he is a model for Wilhelmina International. I was sitting on Instagram one day, (which is probably 40% of the day) and I was just browsing through the “explore posts” and I came across one of his photos.

Well, maybe it wasn’t quite like that. Lol But I did follow him almost instantaneously. It wasn’t until several weeks later, that I learned that he is the son of the Legendary Stevie Wonder. I mean, how incredibly cool is that? Overall, this young entrepreneur is building a name for himself through modeling and TV commercials, and I for one, am not complaining. Can I get a “AMEN“? *Passes around collection plate*

You can follow Kwame Yagan and his modeling journey on

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