Why you’ll never succeed at being a plug (unless you do these things)

Giving a “plug” or even becoming one, consist of two things. Clout and Influence. And without these two things, being a Plug is almost impossible. Building Clout and forming influence take years of networking, communication, and offering your expertise in any opportunities presented. You don’t have to be rich in order to become a plug, but with managing it right, you can become rich from it. Your network will determine your net worth.

1. Communication Skills on 100%:

The first thing you need to have as a “PLUG” is great communication skills. A plug is a person who knows how to talk and connect to people. In order to persuade anyone that whatever it is you are offering to them is beneficial to them, you have to know how to speak to them. It’s all about influencing values, opinions, beliefs and behaviors (V, O, B, B). Plugs are all about making things and people connect.

2. Be Tony Montana and Value Trust:

Everybody has most likely have watched “Scarface” more than once, so you probably know where I am going with this. Tony had one friend Manny, who he brought up in the game along with him, once Manny broke his trust, well…. yeah. Now I don’t suggest doing anything that extreme, but it shows how important trust is in business and potential friendships. Plugs need to have a value of trust, particularly when looking out for relationship building opportunities. When you meet people for the first time, whether at a networking event or out on the train, that is an opportunity to run across someone who can offer you anything and you can also offer in return. But it begins with trust and reliance. So be consistent and reliable.

3. Comfort Zones are a No-No:

If you look at all of your favorite social media influencers, the ones that have hundreds of thousands of people, retweeting and sharing their contents, They all possess one thing in common that is essential as a plug. That’s the gift to step out of their comfort zone and staying out. As a person who has talked themselves out of so many opportunities because I didn’t believe I had enough experience or knowledge, it is so easy to stay comfortable and do things that are “EASY“. But doing shit easily barely makes waves. It’s those things that we are overly afraid to do that molds us as strong connectors. Perhaps it is the thought of talking about yourself that is frightening to you or pitching to a company for the first time. Practice with people you trust, family and acquaintances, and then ask for their feedback.

4. “Closed mouths and closed minds don’t get fed”:
In order to be a successful Networker, be receptive. There are going to be a bunch of people in the business that will know more than you and you have to be open to that. With knowledge comes wisdom and those are the type of people you will need in your corner. And always be open to asking for help. If you are experiencing a hard time publicizing an event or looking for entertainment, ask someone who gives you a helping hand. Again, this is relationship building 101, “One hand washes the other.

5. Memorability and Relevancy is MAJOR key!!:

Think of the industry as a big playground filled with children (competitors). Staying relevant and memorable is substantial because there is a lot of people who want the same thing as you do. And to stay relevant, you have to stay on top of all of the current trends and ascertain a way to integrate it into your work. But like all things eventually, trends change and dies away. It is your job to stay on top of that. Being memorable is all about your mindset, knowing that you are unique and one of a kind. This is something you have complete control over and It takes being real and authentic with yourself and others. People remember three things; people who listen, who compliments and encourages others and who genuinely cares. People remember how they are treated and respect is on top of that list. Have people remember you for your good work ethic and character. You would want people praising you rather than condemning you.