Dear Internet, leave Paris Jackson alone, Sincerely Society


This is not a drill people!

Some things have become a lot clearer when it comes down to Paris Jackson and her life in the past seven years. With the death of her father, her suicide attempt, and just average teenage drama, Paris has had a pretty difficult life. And I don’t think anyone can really deny that. But with her celebrity status and her past indiscretions, what could be solved and moved past upon, is being blown up to bigger proportions.

In a recent frustration motivated rant, Paris shares her feelings about people (fans) Requiring her to spend time online greeting every comment she receives. In the thick of the rant, Paris shares that she attends AA meetings. (AA usually abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous groups.) I’m certain this wasn’t something that was ever supposed ever come out but has now been published in different tabloids who wants to label Paris as a “TROUBLED TEEN”.

Let’s just cut the bullshit, shall we? Paris may have said and done some questionable things, being only seventeen years old. But haven’t we all? Haven’t we said something that we may have regretted years later? Have we not done something that may want to pretend we never did? What really sets Paris apart from other than the fact that she is a rich young woman with real-life issues? Nothing. Should we, therefore, condemn her? Absolutely, positively not. As Paris had stated and I have witnessed myself growing up, Michael went through absolute hell because of the media. Painting him as a pedophile, a weirdo, a freak and whatever other vile, hurtful and harmful names they could come up with. “WACKO JACKO” being one of their favorite names to address him. Torture that wore Michael down, eating him up inside and making him want to be in full seclusion from the media altogether. Seventeen years later, his only daughter going through the same things that he once has. The labeling, the constant picking and nagging, and mental torment. It takes a toll on people and Paris is no different from you, me or anyone else on the planet.

The constant nagging from Michael’s fans is likely one of the things I can’t stand the most. You know, the ones who feel that they can be better parents to Michael’s children than their legal guardians, Grandmother Katherine Jackson and Cousin TJ Jackson. Not too long ago, when the pictures of Paris standing outside of a building smoking a cigarette were released, I had a pretty heavy debate with a friend on Facebook about it. While she chooses to condemn Paris on it and questions whether or not Michael would approve of it, I was a little more lenient about it since I went to school with girls who smoked at Paris’ age. It wasn’t anything new to me. And it is not new to any other high school student who smokes cigarettes or knows someone who does. I don’t recommend it, but to each it’s own.

When I see Paris Jackson, I see a beautiful girl who lost the man that meant so much to her (and still do). And when he passed away, Paris was forced to get up and deal with life as we know it, sometimes cold and hard. Only we must take a second to think of what it could really be like, being the child of the great Michael Jackson. Now in my perfect world, being the daughter of Michael Jackson, I would get praise and favor wherever I went, I would get free shit and I would have his winning looks and talent. Right? Sadly, this is not a perfect world. In this world, you have a batch of perfect strangers stalking you online and offline, waiting for you to screw up. Waiting for that perfect moment to point out your shortcomings, your faults, things that you look as though you aren’t human. Now imagine what that much feels like for a teenager, who was protected from that her whole life by her daddy. And now to be shunned and attacked by the very same people who once consoled her and her brothers online, just a few short years ago.

I don’t know all of what Paris has been through and the final seven years, no one outside of close friends and family does. But I do know I see a young woman who is attempting to live her life as comfortably as possible without the man that she loves. I see a young woman who is discovering herself every single day and being judged by it. It is time for the great people on the internet, to back off and leave Paris Jackson alone. Let Paris live her life as she sees fit, it is not for you to judge her or make decisions for her. Paris is at a point in her life, between child and adult, where she is going to make a lot of mistakes, make friends and enemies, makes decisions about her life 50 million times and think she knows exactly what she is doing. But that’s all teenagers. That’s normalcy. The people who get their kicks from attacking a girl that they don’t know online, not so normal.