The Reason Why We Love Beyonce’s “Formation” Music Video.


I hope y’all are in formation, because Sergeant Knowles-Carter is reporting to duty.

After recuperating from her surprise video debut on Saturday (cause you know Beyonce just springs things up on us!) We caught just a little peek into what she has in store for us on this BRAND NEW SUMMER TOUR (That Beyonce snatched our scalps announcing) during Last Night’s Super bowl half time show. But let’s talk about that very “Conscious” video that I am completely in love with first.

If there is one thing that Beyonce knows how to do, that is to grab the viewer’s attention. And maybe it took two, five, or fifteen times to watch the video to truly interpret the message that was behind this video.” I AM BLACK Y’ALL. I’M COUNTRY. I LIKE RED LOBSTER. I LOVE THE WAY MY BABY’S HAIR IS. I LIKE MY NOSE WITH IT’S BIG NOSTRILS (where B? Where?) AND I LIKE CARRYING HOT SAUCE IN MY PURSE. SWAG.” Who else puts just a tad bit of hot sauce in their collard greens? Just enough to slap a little country on your tongue. No? You aren’t really eating unless you do. Anyways…Beyonce is tired of y’all saying she is a character of the illuminati. She is telling us that she hasn’t forgotten who she is, and where she comes from. Her daddy is from Alabama and her momma is from Louisiana, and she’s a Texas Bama…hello! But it is a lot deeper than just the lyrics. The visual she released along with the song is what is speaking with the highest volumes.

First off, I immediately recognized the ad libs from New Orleans’ very own Messy Mya and Big Freedia. Now for those who don’t know who Messy Mya or Big Freedia is, please go on YouTube and check out their videos. Messy Mya was a internet sensation whose life was tragically cut short on the night of his son’s baby shower. A baby he never got a chance to meet. And Big Freedia is the face of “BOUNCE MUSIC” A genre that is very big in THE BIG EASY. (No pun intended). With the little boy dancing in the hoodie in front of the group of police in their riot gear, which eerily resembles the whole ordeal in ‎Ferguson, Missouri, Beyonce expresses exactly what we have been feeling for years and have been wanting her to speak out publicly on. Injustice. There was also the scene where Beyonce sat on top of a Police Car that was subsiding into a large body of water. A representation of Hurricane Katrina and the effects to the people of N.O. and surrounding states after it hit. However, without missing a beat, two directors came out of the woodworks on twitter, to prove that Beyonce may have “used” their footage without going through the right channels. The two directors of a short film titled, “The B.E.A.T” a nine minute short film about the Bounce music genre and the civilization around it, shared their thoughts about seeing clips from their documentary in the” “FORMATION” video. (Screenshots provided by

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But whoever runs the twitter account @Beyfacts quickly SHUT DOWN any allegations that Beyonce or director Melina Matsoukas used stolen footage by explaining to her fans that since the directors sold the rights to the movie to the Sundance channel, their permission was not necessary for the use of said footage. However, Beyonce and her team did ask the directors for permission to use the footage, out of common courtesy and regard. When one door closes… you just go through the back door. But not shortly after that, Model and Designer for ( 🔌) Think Reese, Sherise(Reese) Cromwell decided to share a Throwback Thursday picture on a Saturday with the caption, ” 👑🔌 She did it back in 2014. 👑”
(Reese on the Left, Beyonce on the right) However, with a little google search, I have discovered that Reese’s look is really quite popular. Sorry Reese, you are going to have to come a little harder to prove that Beyonce was inspired by just “YOUR” look.

But despite the nay sayers and haters, Beyonce spoke out on the things that clearly meant something to her. The accusations about her not being black enough, her success courtesy of the illuminati, people talking around her daughter’s hair texture, Ferguson, Hurricane Katrina, etc. Instead of people looking for reasons to accuse Beyonce of “STEALING” from them, we all should be seeing the bigger picture here. It is time that we as people of color, start uniting with one another and fight this fight as one. Beyonce is drowning on top of the police car as it went down to the bottom of the river, was a significant visual. Significant as saying, “I am a part all these people who has lost their lives tragically, by the hands of our oppressors. This could be me.” Along with the announcement of her tour and donating the proceeds from the new tour to the Flint Water Crisis, Jay-z and his music streaming company,Tidal has announced that they will be donating $1.5 Million dollars towards the Black Lives Matters Movement. Go Jay!

Oh, did I mention Blue Ivy appeared in her mommy’s video?
image Look at Blue Blue, looking like she’s ready to kick the other girls out the group and go solo.

Beyonce has done a lot in her career and although she holds this reputation of “borrowing” ideas, innovative, ground-breaking, and inspiring are just some ways to describe her. With this video premiering in the center of both Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland’s birthdays, It’s time we all say it loud, “I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD.”

This is a great time to be black.


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  1. I’ve been reading nothing but articles about FORMATION. I am making my list of the conversation. Thanks sharing the facts about somethings that I have not seen talked about.

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    1. Megan Ambers says:

      Thank you Iris. I too hope that people also take note that this is coming up to the 50th anniversary of the black panther movement and Beyonce’s performance was so well-executed.


  2. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    Man people be trying it with Beyonce but she always winning so whatevas. And this is coming from a person who can admit that the song is scattered as fuck lyric wise but the visuals and the beat go hard and there is an overall theme of being proud of her Blackness and her roots. Gotta respect that in the least.

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  3. kayliz241 says:

    Of course there is so much controversy surrounding this video, but the message is very clear and it is needed! I’m a fan 🙂

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