Dear Charlamagne..


Dear Charlamagne,

This is an open letter to you to say “Thank you.” Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hold a sit down debate with Ms. Tomi Lahren. Thank you for making the effort to correct her beliefs concerning Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance and the REAL motives behind the Black Panthers Party. As I watched your debate last night, I couldn’t help but noticed that as much as she shared her nescient comments as facts, you remain composed the entire time. As much as I appreciate a woman with strong feelings, I find it irresponsible for her to use her platform to regurgitate information that is not true. I also appreciate that you took the time to explain to her why “Hands up, Don’t shoot” is a substantial centerpiece to the Black Lives Matters movement. We are not barbarians, terrorists or radicals. We are people who desire to see equality and justice. As much as I would wish to say that I respect Tomi’s opinion about the whole situation, I can’t help but to feel that being young and inexperienced plays a part in her unknowingness with such a delicate topic. But I am not writing this to bash Ms. Lahren, I am simply writing this to thank you for standing up and speaking out on all of our behalf.

Keep striving in Black Excellence.