Journey To Thirty: Bucket List


Before my birthday last month, I made a decision to embark on my own personal journey to the next milestone in my life, turning 30. It wasn’t until I realize that i haven’t really done any of the things I would have like to have done. This series “Journey To Thirty”, will consist of different projects, letters to myself, manifestation exercises and other tools that you can also use for your own personal journey in life.

To begin this series, I decided to share my Bucket List. A bucket list is a list of things a person would like to do before they die. You may or may not be familiar with a movie called, “Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In the movie both Nicholson and Freeman was diagnosed with Terminal Lung cancer, and they decided to go to places and do things that they have never done before. They go skydiving together, fly over the North Pole,  visited the Taj Mahal, and etc. *Spoiler Alert* Morgan Freeman’s character does die at the end, but it is a great movie to watch for inspiration.

On my bucket list, I will share places I would like to go visit and things I would like to do also. As a native New Yorker, I have never seen the statue of liberty up close, or even celebrated New Years Eve in Times Square. As much as people would believe that is something we (New Yorkers) would take pride in doing, it is more so Tourists who get real enjoyment from that. This Bucket list of mines are things I would like to do once I turn 30 years old. And I am giving myself ten years to accomplish this entire list. By the time, I reached 40 years old, I should have not only completed this list but have move on to my next journey, “Turning 40”. Billionaire Bill Gates once stated that he has accomplished every single thing on his bucket list, except for one thing. “To Not die”. Now of course, some things can not be accomplished, but the idea that he did complete his list is inspiring enough. I took a lot of time putting this list together and I do hope that it will encourage you to also make a list of things and just go out and do them. You may learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Enjoy.


  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Go to London
  3. Go to see the Eiffel Tower
  4. Visit Australia
  5. Visit Venice, Italy
  6. Go to Greece
  7. See The Great Wall Of China
  8. See The Great Pyramids
  9. Go to New Orleans
  10. Visit Anne Frank’s House
  11. Go to Disney Land
  12. Go to Disney World
  13. Visit the Taj Mahal
  14. Visit Jamaica
  15. Visit the Pixar Studios
  16. Visit the glowworm caves in New Zealand
  17. Go to Egypt
  18. Visit the seven wonders
  19. Travel first class
  20. Go to Monte Carlo
  21. Visit Monaco
  22. Visit Abu Dhabi
  23. Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras
  24. Visit Rio De Janiero during Carnival
  25. Go to the Comic Con
  26.  Visit the Hollywood walk of fame
  27. Go to the Olympics
  28.  Go on a Disney Cruise
  29. See the Stone Hedge
  30. Visit a vineyard
  31. Visit Paris
  32. Take Michael to Lego Land
  33. Visit Morocco
  34. See Cirque du Soleil
  35. Visit Mount Rushmore
  36. Visit the Parthenon
  37. Visit the roman colosseum
  38. visit Pompeii
  39. Visit the Sistine Chapel
  40. Visit the steps of the Mayan ruins
  41. Visit the world’s largest aquarium


  1. Learn how to surf
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Learn how to play a instrument
  4. Learn Braille
  5. Learn how to use chopsticks
  6. Learn how to Box
  7. Learn how to do Graffiti

Extreme Sporting/ Sporting:

  1. Go sky diving
  2. Go Ziplining (Again!)
  3. Ride a Jetski
  4. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  5. Go scruba diving
  6.  Go to Parasailing
  7. Visit a trampoline Park
  8. Go hang gliding
  9. Go indoor sky diving
  10. Ride in a Helicopter
  11. Play in a laser park
  12. Go zorbing
  13. Ride a motorcycle
  14. Learn how to snowboard
  15. Go snorkeling


  1. Swim with Dolphins
  2. Ride an Elephant
  3. Hold a Baby Panda
  4. Visit the Tiger Sauctary in Phillipines
  5. Swim with Giant Sea Turtles
  6. Swim with a manatee
  7. Hold a monkey
  8. See a Reindeer


  1. Meet my other half
  2. Cuddle in front of the fireplace with someone that I love
  3. Be the reason someone believes in being in love is possible
  4. Get Engaged
  5. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  6. Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  7. Kiss under a mistletoe
  8. Become his bride
  9. Join the Mile High club
  10. Marry my best friend


  1. Stand under the Hollywood Sign
  2. Let go of floating laterns in Thailand
  3. Participate in a color run
  4. rent a beach house in the Hamptons
  5. Walk behind a waterfall
  6. See a broadway play
  7. Get a Tattoo
  8. Have a paint fight
  9. Spend a night on a beach
  10. Get my driver’s license
  11. Start my own business
  12. Own a personal camera
  13. Run a 5K
  14. Have a beach bonfire
  15. Audition for a part in a movie
  16. Be one of the voices in a animated movie
  17. Go to prom (I did not attend my HS prom)
  18. Gamble in Vegas
  19. Improve my flexibility
  20. Blow Glass
  21. Go to a Drive-in Movie
  22. Record a song in a studio
  23. Start a wall collage
  24. Breathe in Helium
  25. Get a Henna Tattoo in India
  26.  Spend an entire day watching Disney Movies
  27.  Sing in a karaoke bar
  28.  Be in a professional photoshoot
  29.  Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome
  30. Take a tour in the White House
  31. Go to a LA Lakers Game
  32. Go to a NY Knicks Game
  33. Go on a date to a Carnival
  34. Attend a Masquerade Ball
  35. Be part of a flashmob (Again!)
  36. Watch a Meteor Shower
  37. Win the lottery (Actually the first time I played I won $4)
  38. Order a cupcake from the Cupcake ATM
  39. Be a part of a Tv Show audience
  40. Catch a Bride’s bouquet
  41. Get drunk on a beach
  42. Go to a really scary Haunted house
  43. Be a maid of honor


I am still open to adding more onto my list, but here is the gist of it.