Music Review: Electo-Pop Duo MissDefiant Stands Up To Nightclub Drug Usage With 133T


London based, Electro Pop Duo MissDefiant released a new hit entitled, “133T” on Friday that carries a very important message–the end of glamorization of drug use. 133t the slang word for “leet” which is short for elite, a reference to the hipster nightclub scene.

The press release of 133T mentions that –“MissDefiant look at the pressure put on young people to “get in with the hype” and the glamorisation of drug culture being “irrational, passional, fashionable, international, impractical, fanatical, mechanical, supernatural.” Along with the original version, MissDefiant released a acoustic version which helps solidifies the message behind the song, and a Humbringer remix.

In most of our songs we spread the word to be more defiant.” said Emily Rose Adams, 1/2 of MissDefiant about their music they have created and continue to create. “We have a commercial sound and try to push limits with our writing using our personal experience.” Adams met her partner Jordan Cather after training at Millennium Performing Arts in Woolwich, South East London. Before coming together as MissDefiant, Adams and Cather has had their own respective success. Adams has toured the UK and Europe in musical theatre and opera shows such as Carmen, Sopranos vs tenors and Aladdin. She has also had acting roles in popular TV programs in the UK such as Broadchurch, Holby City and Grantchester. Cather has danced with artists including Charli XCX and British electronica trio Years & Years.  She has also modeled London Fashion Week, and danced with comedians such as John Bishop and Paddy McGuinness.

MissDefiant also released the official music video for the single on their Youtube Channel on Friday. Link below.


You can listen to MissDefiant’s music on their soundcloud, and follow their musical journey on their twitter, facebook, and their instagram accounts.



Acoustic Version:

Humbringer Remix: