Mastering The Art Of DJ Khaled


Khaled Mohamed Khaled (Yes his mama named him Khaled twice!) Also known as DJ Khaled is an overall worldwide success story. Unless you have lived under a rock all of this time, you have heard DJ
Khaled’s signature catchphrases stamped all throughout popular hip hop tracks for years now. “Another One” and “We’re the best!” to mention a few. Most recently, DJ Khaled has taken a different approach towards spreading the good word of Khaled, by sharing his own rules of success in the form of mini stories on Snapchat. Snapchat, a popular social media app that allows users to view pictures and videos repeatedly for up to 24 hours.

Every day DJ Khaled shows you how important it is to have your three square meals a day with water, personal hygiene, showing gratitude, steering away from negativity and living your life as comfortably as possible. Although there have been a bunch of comedic events during
this snapshot classic moment, DJ Khaled’s advice has proven itself helpful in more than several ways. Many people may not realize, but DJ Khaled dropped a lot of valuable gems in his Snapchat stories and
still do to this day. From “Keeping your head above water” to “Keeping a clean heart“, his rules of success is more than cute phrases or Instagram captions. It’s a way of life.

“Smell like Success.”

Watching DJ Khaled’s snaps I have learned only how important hygiene
is for success. In fact, did you know that the science of attraction
is the sense of smell? It only takes 5 seconds to form a first
impression. Grooming habits speaks volumes about you before you even
speak. A well-groomed person appears trustworthy, balanced and
organized. DJ Khaled explains how he doesn’t use any cologne, but
Dove’s Body soap and Deodorant and Cocoa Butter. “The key to success
is using the right soap. I only use Dove. Dove soap. Trust me.” Trust
DJ Khaled. He has the success that we want.

“They don’t want you to win. Win no matter what.”

When DJ Khaled talks about “They”, we all  want to know who
they are. But You know who “they” are. Your haters, your critics, the
people who invariably have something negative to say about you or
towards you. Those “They” people. The people who never seem to be
doing better than you, but always have something to say about what you
are doing. The people who don’t want to you to be great. Everyone has
a hater or two, and sometimes we fall into the trap of being a hater
ourselves, but that’s a whole different situation. In the short-term,
don’t let them see you break. Keep working, keep striving, he says.
You know they don’t want to watch you win, win anyway. You know they
don’t want to watch you eat three square meals a day with water, eat
those three square meals a day anyway. You probably don’t have a
personal cook named “Dee”, so cook your own egg whites and turkey
bacon. And don’t forget your bottle of water.

“Bless up!”

Expressing Gratitude for what you already have is always key to
getting to what you want. DJ Khaled lives in a beautiful home in
Miami, with a flourishing garden, a lion he greets every morning and
plenty of water to Jet ski till his heart is substance. But he doesn’t
take any of that for granted. Showing Gratitude raises your vibration
and brings you into harmony with the dynamism of the Universe.
Gratitude can transform many, if not, all areas of your life. You are
the creator of your own life. You live in a universe that hears and
watches everything. The universe’s job isn’t to tell you what is good
or bad for you, it’s job is to only serve you. To grant you what you
put your energy into. If you complain about your bills, living
situation, etc., the universe will bring you more things to complain
about. It doesn’t differentiate what is good from bad, it only gives
you more of it. Then why not be like DJ Khaled and show gratitude for
all the things that you already have? Purchase a plant Khaled, if it
every day.

“Surround yourself with greatness..”

“If you hang out with 9 broke people, you are bound to be the 10th
one.” This is true. This is a known fact. When we hang out with people
who are barely making ends meet and trying to keep their head above
water, are we doing better than them or just as bad? When DJ Khaled
told us to “Surround yourself with greatness..” he meant great people
and great things, tangible and intangible. If you want to surround
yourself with greatness, start with a pure intention. Make a deal with
the universe and stick with it. The only way you make things occur is
by feeling it, visualizing it and seeing it to the end. Commit to
evolving as a person. When you start evolving it is common that you
won’t evolve with the same people and that’s fine. You will start to
see people who are on the same level as yourself, and those are the
people you need to be around anyway. Take chances and go out into the
world and apply your own greatness to the people and places you
meet. It’s all for success.

“Keep a clean heart and a clean soul.”

This was probably one of DJ Khaled’s most important key to success,
keep a clean heart and soul. To take in a clean heart means to not
have any ill-will, hatred or any intent to harm or to see harm onto
others. Holding a clean heart and soul doesn’t mean you have to be
pure and holified, but it does mean that you have to be free of
negative notion and have a pure mind frame. How can you be success as
DJ Khaled if you are a negative Nancy? How can you carry out your
wildest dreams if you harbor cynical feelings? It just simply can’t be
done. Success and positivity goes hand in hand. Possessing a clean
heart isn’t only about the mentality of having one, it is also about
the physicality of having one. A clean heart can prevent heart
disease, anxiety attacks, and unnecessary stress. Don’t dwell on
unfruitful and negative things and don’t allow people to sow
negativity into your life.

DJ Khaled is the structure of pure success. His parents immigrated to
the United States in the 70s with Khaled being born soon after. DJ
Khaled was influenced by the love of music at a young age, due to both
of his parents being musicians of the Arabic Genre. After developing a
love for rap and soul music, Khaled started to work at a record shop
which helped build his DJing career. Years of building and sustaining
friendships with rappers and other music execs, Khaled started to
co-host with 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke, which later
resulted to hosting his own radio show. By 2016, DJ Khaled has
released eight albums, debuted his new radio show, We the best on
Beats 1 radio and announced that he has parted ways with Cash Money
Records. Some people may see his Snapchat stories as comedy with no
real meaning behind it, but there are many gems that DJ Khaled is
sharing with his fans and the world. “There will be struggle before
success”, “Keep people around you that’s gonna uplift you“, and “The
key is to have the key to open every door.” are only some of the many
tips that he has mastered during his own career.