Janet Jackson Turns 50! 3 Times Janet Has Slayed My Life

Today the Queen, the Empress of pop music, Ms. Janet “If you nasty” Jackson- Al Mana turned 50 years old, and damn.. don’t she looks good? As you all may know, Janet recently postponed her world tour to start her own family with Husband of 3 years Wissam Al Mana, although Janet has not officially revealed that she was with child, she did posted a short video of a baby Janet emoji and family has publicly congratulated her on the new baby on board. Janet has achieved so many wonderful things through out her career, while breaking down barriers and making a name for herself. Today we celebrate you, Janet! Happy Birthday.

The 3 Times Janet has slayed my life:

  1.  Meeting the Queen Janet Jackson:

Meeting Janet Jackson back in 2010 was like all of the planets aligning up at the very moment. It was truly a magical moment, that I had almost missed. The day before I was travelling with friends and fellow Jackson fans as we were performing the “Thrill The World” dance sequel–which is an ode to Janet’s brother Michael’s Infamous Thriller music video–in Manhattan (Times Square) and Brooklyn (Coney Island). I was tired and exhausted from the dancing and travelling and just wanted to go home. I spend the night at a friend’s house and got home early the next day. It wasn’t until around 3pm that day I decided to go to the event that was taking place in an Art Gallery downtown in Manhattan. I almost didn’t go, there were no signs that she was going to be present or any of the other actors from the movie, “For Colored Girls“, a filmed by Tyler Perry. But I decided to go anyway. When I first got to the venue, it was quiet and pretty empty. There were no crowds outside, or roped off areas, it was almost as if it was a complete bust. There were living portraits (moving pictures) of the characters each Actress played, hanging on the walls. After almost 20 minutes of no one being there, I called my mom and told her that I was bored and I was going to use the rest room before heading back home. So I went to the bathroom and just seconds after I locked the door to the stall, I heard someone knocking on the door. I finished, washed my hands and came out of the stall. I looked for the woman whose voice I heard on the other side of the door. I looked down one side of the hall, and there was no one there. I looked down the other side of the hall and there was a door that was closed halfway, I saw a face peek out from the room, and I automatically recognized the person who knocked on the bathroom stall just a few minutes prior. Kerry Washington. After that very moment, when she waved and quickly closed the door, I decided that I was going to stay after all. It had to have been all of 30 minutes later, before the crowd of reporters, bloggers, celebrities, and actors from the film started to arrive, and it got really hectic then. A lot of people asked me if I was nervous meeting Janet, and to their surprise, I always say “no”, because I wasn’t. There is something very humbling about her that just made all of that excitement go away. Not as though I was excited meeting her, it was more of a comforting experience. Her brother had passed away the year before and everyone in the room gravitated to Janet as though she was a shiny, new toy. When it was my turn to talk to her I didn’t know what I wanted to say, I didn’t have anything planned or practiced. I didn’t even anticipate on seeing her there. I just remember very vividly her looking at me, looking at me literally towering over her and she asked me, “How tall are you?” and I couldn’t help but to laugh because I would have never had anyone of her status ask me that, in such a surprised way. I could have never imagine she would even ask me that to begin with. So I told her I was 5’9″, and she looked so surprised. She then said, “I always wanted to be that tall”, I nearly fell out. I mean Janet “the Queen” Jackson wanted to be something I remember getting picked on so horribly over. My height. After quickly mentioning to her about some of her fans talking to her long-time friend/choreographer Gil on a social media site called TinyChat, and we wanted her to participate on there with him one day. She never did, but I hope she will one day soon.  She is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

2. Tribute to Michael Jackson:

I remember how excited everyone was to hear that Janet was going to pay tribute to Michael at the MTV video music awards in 2009. It was literally 3 months after he passed and Janet became almost secluded and concealed away from the public eye, with good reason, of course. We waited in anticipation to see what Janet had in store for us. “Excitement” doesn’t even begin to describe what we were feeling. Yes, this is the same awards that Kanye went up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift, but let’s not take away from what is really important. Janet. I think the minute Janet walked off on stage and started to perform “SCREAM“, we all had the same reaction as Beyonce.


Thanks Bey! It was at that very moment, Michael came back alive to perform with his sister for the very last time, although they never performed “SCREAM” together, it was a beautiful tribute from Janet to her big brother, The KING of Pop, Michael Jackson. She Slayed.


3. Janet. Album :

I am an 80’s baby, and a 90’s Kid. I remember all great (and not so great) things about the 90’s. Michael and Janet were monumentual in my life and back in the day because they were EVERYWHERE. There were not one magazine cover, or TV special, or poster on the street, or even radio station that didn’t play their music. Michael and Janet was everywhere. I was young when the Janet. album came out, I was a little girl. But I remember the songs from that album, I remember the videos on TV. That album always felt magical, Janet was different from the other female artists out at that time. I remember her influence so strongly. Janet. hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 1 on the Top R&B Albums chart. It was her third consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 and her first to debut at number 1. Between hits like, “Again“, “Anytime, Anyplace“, and “That’s the way love goes“, this album will always go down as my most favorite album from her. She SLAYED.

Turning 50 years old is monumental, especially when you are carrying your first child, on a world tour, snatching wigs of all the younger female performers of today. Janet may not have ever imagined she would mean so much to so many people, but she does. She may not have imagined that she would be the highest piece of the musical chess  by all those she loves and all who loves her back. game. I could only hope that Janet is celebrating her birthday, surrounded by all who loves her and all she loves in return. Happy Birthday Janet!