Michael Jackson’s Nephews Defends Legacy With Lawsuit Against Radar Online

Okay MJ Fans…

I am more than happy to announce that the family of the late and (very) great Michael Jackson is suing news publication “RadarOnline” for 100 million dollars over allegations of the singer sexually abusing his nephews, 3T: Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, and TJ Jackson. Which is total bullshit and I am really pleased that the family has decided to go ahead with this libel lawsuit because the lies that Radar came up with, they should be held accountable for.

For the people who are not aware of the actual article that Radar posted last month, it was alleged that the singer Michael Jackson’s home was riddled with child pornography, animal cruelty pictures, a lot of over-the-top bullshit that this publication posted with no type of proof whatsoever to back up their claims. Radar released what was supposed to be a police report from 2005, with details of all the things that were supposed to have been found at Neverland Ranch, where Michael was living during a raid that was handled by Santa Barbara County sheriff’s department. A 88-page report that cites several picture books, magazines and videos containing images of nude and semi-nude children was published on the website. These items in the report were intended to “groom” young victims and to help reduce them of their sexual inhibitions. It was most certainty an article you would greatly wipe your butt with. After the article was published, Taj, the oldest out of the R&B/POP group 3T released a fury of tweets giving in great detail his disgust and detest over the article and the lies that were being spreaded just days of his uncle’s 7th year anniversary.



The lawsuit, that 3T filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday July 27, accuses RadarOnline of wrongfully reporting that Michael “sexually abused young boys [and] implied that this included his ‘nephews,’ but added that his ‘family’ resisted any inquiry into that criminal conduct.” Okay, first, they didn’t wrongfully report this story, it was a flat-out lie. Sensationalized BS for clicks and views, and secondly, the family has all rights to resist and turn down any inquiries over a case that Michael was found not guilty of over 11 years ago. “Radar reported that Michael bought them (3T) a ‘brand new car’ to ‘shut them up,’” the lawsuit read. It was also stated in the lawsuit that Radar also alleged that a relative, which could only be understood as one of the nephews, was “‘spirited off to an island’ to buy his silence, after which he refused to tell police anything ‘bad’ about Michael Jackson.” Totally fabricated. As the lawsuit reveals the plaintiffs are his nephews that was accused of being assaulted who only wants to clear the names of themselves and of their beloved uncle. This lawsuit comes after failed attempts of rectifying the issues with the publication demanding a retraction from them in July, but Radar “refused to correct any of its libelous assertions about plaintiffs, thereby aggravating its wrongful conduct.”

To be truthfully honest, $100 Million dollars isn’t enough for all the fictitious lies that the media has written about Michael before and after June 25th. I am truly pleased that the family is taking a stand against the media (as they have always done) to make an example to the rest of the tabloid publications that they will be held accountable of reporting falsified information as the truth. On the subject of falsified information, MJ’s doctor Conrad Murray has revealed that he is releasing a book about the last couple of months of Michael’s life. As though this man hasn’t done enough damage there is, now he is going through his bag of lies fairytales and fallacies, and telling his encounters with the King Of Pop. I wouldn’t spend my last dime on that trash novel, no more than I am wasting any more time talking about it. I just hope that the family considers suing his ass too.