The secret to success: Building a powerful music playlist

I consider myself a legit Music head. You will probably never see me without headphones plugged in. Music is the most powerful tool in the world. It can alter your mood, raise or lower vibrational energy, or even trigger old memories. It has the power to do so many things. Music can be so much more to a person, if they put their all into it, especially if they make a career out of it. I don’t know about other people, but I can (and often do) Dissect my favorite songs just to get a better understanding of the lyrics. What most may not realize is that the subconscious mind sucks up all vibrational intentions that were most likely, unintentionally placed by the creator of the music that they are listening to. But people know what songs that they can and can’t relate to because we know what songs we can and can’t relate to.

You may listen to 50 Cent, rapping about having stacks on top of stacks, or buying another Bugatti and think to yourself,”I can’t relate to this shit at all..” But what if I told you that you didn’t have to relate to what he is saying, to desire it. I created my own personal playlist that I listen to, probably several times a week, of songs that have an intention that I would like to attract into my life.

A mindset that I would like to manifest. It has been proven in many studies that if you could match your vibrational energies to the energies of whatever it is that you want, you can attract it into your reality. My playlist is a little less materialistic as opposed to a particular mindset that I am trying to adopt. Building a “go-getter” mentality, a hustler’s mentality, a “going out and getting what it is that I want” playlist. With songs from Kanye West to James Brown, this playlist that I am about to share gets me from point A to B. I listen to it when I am writing a post or drawing a picture or when I am just brainstorming. I hope that this playlist not only inspires you to go out and grind but also encourages you to create your own personal “Go-Getter” playlist.

What is your favorite “Go-Getter” song?