Hip-hop mantras: What Are They and How Do They Work?

I am a very big fan of affirmations and mantras. I actually have a journal of different affirmations and mantras that I found on different spiritual websites and some that I had created on my own. Mantras are statements or slogans that are often repeated. When the affirmations are repeated, it seeps down to the subconscious level of your brain. When this happens, your brain starts to figure out ways to make this mantra, a reality.

It helps shift our negative beliefs to more positive ones. 


The most traditional mantra that you may be familiar with is “OM”. The sound of the universe, representing birth, death, and rebirth. “OM” vibrates on the frequency of 432 Hertz, which is the most natural of musical pitches of all the universe. While most modern-day music is on the frequency of 440 Hertz. What most people may not realize is that there are mantras in the lyrics of their favorite songs. The mantras are used to help guide your thoughts down the right path of your personal goals, by repeating them out loud or silently. Personal mantras can be biblical scriptures, personal quotes, or anything that encourages and inspires you to be the best person. Just like in my earlier blog post with my “go-getter” playlist here, I have a list of hip-hop mantras that I took from my favorite songs. My list of mantras is favorite lines from songs that I listen to on a daily basis. When I listen to these songs there are so many lines that stand out, lines that make me feel good and that’s what mantras do, make you feel good.

I hope these mantras makes you feel good too. 

1. “The bigger the bill, the harder you ball. Well, I’m throwing mine,  cause my money long.” – Wiz Khalifa (Work hard, Play hard)

2. “Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I wanna love who I am. Even if it makes others uncomfortable,  I will love who I am.”- Janelle Monáe, Erykah Badu (Q.U.E.E.N)

3. “You in the presence of a king, Scratch that, you in the presence of a God.” – Jay-Z (Crown)

4. “You wake up, Flawless. Post up, Flawless. Riding round in it, Flawless  Flossing on that, Flawless.” -Beyoncé (Flawless)

5. “For all the stunting, I’ll forever be immortalized. Yeah, back and forth across the borderline.” – Drake (Worst Behavior)

6. “Everything I’m not, makes me everything I am.” – Kanye West (Everything I am)

7. “You just a commentator, if you get my paper. Everybody I know from the hood got common haters.” – Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West (Who gon stop me)

8. “I ain’t riding no waves. Too busy making my own waves, baby. Surfing on my own waves, baby.” – Kid Cudi (Surfin)

9. “I’m on a new level, I’m on a new level.” -A$AP Ferg (New level)

10. “Everyday I’m hustlin’, Everyday I’m hustlin’.” – Rick Ross (Hustlin‘)

11. “Really I’m the plug, I’m the plug.” -Drake and Future (I’m the plug)

12. “F*ck up some commas, let’s f*ck up some commas.” – Future (F*ck up some commas)

13. “I always had a passion for flashing’ before I had it. I close my eyes and imagine, the good life.” -Kanye West (The Good Life)

14. “Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back. Wake Wake up every morning, by the night, I count stack.” -Big Sean (Bounce back)

15. “Bible, Queen is the title. And if you are my rival, then it means your suicidal.” – Nicki Minaj (Freedom)

16. “I’ve been up all night, tryna get that rich. I’ve been work, work, work, work, working on my sh*t.” – Iggy Azalea (Work)

17. “You can’t believe it, you can’t conceive it, and you can’t touch me, cause I’m untouchable.”- Michael Jackson (Unbreakable)

18. “F*ck with me, you know I got it. F*ck with me, you know I got it.” – Jay-Z (F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit)

19. “Til you own your own you can’t be free. Til you’re on your own, you can’t be me.” – DJ Khaled (I got the keys)

20. “Cause we dope girls, we flawless, we the poster girls for all of this.” – Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé (Feeling Myself)