How To Converse With Your Favorite Celebrities With A ‘Law Of Attraction’ Technique


In my last post, I spoke about Hip Hop mantras that can be found in your favorite songs. I had explained that mantras are not necessarily bible scriptures, although most of them can be. Mantras are slogans and statements used to help shift and change negative beliefs to positive ones and can be found in almost anything that you find inspiring and encouraging.


But this time, I want to share a technique that I learned about called the ‘Invisible Counselors’ visualization technique. The ‘Invisible Counselors’ visualization technique created and practiced by Author and Businessman Napoleon Hill. I came across this technique while reading his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ as I was looking for new ways to draw in both inspiration and creativity, with my writing. Hill was a real big deal back in the day and became an even bigger deal after the release of this book, which today is one of the most influential books since its publication almost 100 years ago.

Think and grow rich“, a book that probably came out long before its time, is filled with instructions on developing a wealth mindset and achieving success. It was because the information in this book is so exclusive and powerful it was only given to many of the powerful men of that time. John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, and more. Hill interviewed over 500 people and only reserved the then-original 118 copies to those who were important to his study. Greedy, right? But when I read the book, there was this one technique that stood out the most to me. This visualization exercise was used by Hill to find both ideas and inspiration. I am going to explain exactly what this technique is and how to merge it into your life. 

This technique only needs one thing. Your imagination. You can do this technique anywhere and at any time because it all takes place in your mind.

Step one: Imagination is Key

You can do this within the first 10 minutes of waking up in the morning or just when you’re about to go to bed at night. The first thing you do is close your eyes, and imagine yourself sitting down at the head of a council table with a group of people who YOU have invited there. These people can absolutely be whoever you want them to be. See us average folks don’t have the access or funds to call up Warren Buffett and ask him for financial advice or Mark Cuban for investment tips. They are just not in our grips, so why not create a conversation with them in your mind instead? What would they tell you? These people don’t necessarily have to be alive, they can be people who you admire who has since passed on. Now once you have set the mood for holding your business conference, you are ready to move on to step two.


Step Two: Why are you meeting these people?

Now, once you have mentally placed yourself at this table with these people, you have to find your definitive purpose for having these daily meetings. Definitive, meaning final and with authority. Hill used this technique to rebuild his own character so that it would represent pieces of the characters of the counselors that he called forth. But your definitive purpose could be absolutely whatever you want it to be. This is your meeting and you are looking to draw something from it that benefits YOU, so why would it be for anyone else? Now that you know what you want from these sources, now the fun begins.


Step Three: “Let’s talk business…”

Now that you have settled on what your definitive purpose for these meetings is, now you talk to them. The idea is to start a conversation with these people about anything you want to talk to them about. When Napoleon hill originally came up with this idea, it was really only for play-play.  He pretty much created this exercise to imagine himself talking to successful people. Almost like how you would imagine a conversation would go if you had the opportunity to talk to your idol. The funny thing is, Napoleon started to notice that this exercise of his, was actually working. And his imaginary counselors started to come to life, in his mind. After these meetings with his imaginative counselors, he would wake up with hundreds of new ideas.

Ideas are everywhere and free for grabs. Not one idea belongs to just one person. Walt Disney created Disneyland which became the most monumental amusement park in the world, but there were amusement parks that existed before 1955. In fact, Walt sent his people to go and visit these other parks to see where they went wrong, so that he wouldn’t. Sometimes ideas don’t fall out from the sky, our intuition are blocked by the ongoing criticism from society that frowns upon weird and strange ideas.

This exercise that I coin as the “Million Dollar Round Table” works extremely well as long as you believe that you are going to walk away with something. You wouldn’t pay 25K to talk to Mark Zuckerberg for 3 hours with the thought of not learning anything, would you?

Oh. By the way… Here is my own personal “Million Dollar Round Table” imaginary Counselors. 


(L to R; Jean-Michel Basquiat, President Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, Kanye West and Jaden Smith)