Jhené Aiko Talks About New Single, Collaborating with Big Sean and Denies Cheating on Husband

Soul Crooner and fellow Piscean Goddess Jhené Aiko appeared on the Breakfast Club on Monday, to talk about her new single Maniac from her upcoming project. Jhené explains that she directed the music video for the track, and although she has directed a lot of her videos in the past, she was more involved in this particular video. When speaking of the content of the lyrics for the track, Jhené explains that the lyrics are a part of who she really is. “That’s just a part of me, that’s just who I am. I can be pretty vulgar in my waking life.” Power 105’s Angela Yee then asks Jhené about an interview that she was a part of for Genius.com, in which she states that part of the lyrics were inspired by Big Sean’s penis. 

Flip me over then maneuver

As long as a ruler, you’re the ruler.

   But when you have Charlamagne sitting beside you, nothing always goes as planned. Charlamagne then pulls up a photo of Big Sean’s little Sean, in which Jhené apparently identifies as being his. *Looks up alleged photo* Hmmm.. 


When asked about the lack of promotion for the couple’s collaborative album self titled Twenty 88, the singer explains that although she and Sean were up for promoting the album, the conflict of working on their own separate projects became a hindrance. During the interview, things got a little personal as the subject of her husband and her divorce proceedings came up. While talking about a track featured on Twenty 88, where both Jhené and Big Sean were cheating, Charlamagne straightforwardly asked Jhené if she in fact, cheated on her husband with Big Sean. Jhené abruptly answered, “No” with no further details. Jhené married her soon-to-be Ex husband Music producer and 1/2 of Rock Band WZRD (Kid Cudi) Dot Da Genius two years ago. When asked if Dot was asking for spousal support from her, Jhené proceeded to say, “I don’t know. You’ll have to talk to the lawyers about that.HOWBOW DAT

Jhené talks candidly about her family, being a disciplinarian to her eight year old daughter and just how she would explain “Hop on the D” to her. You can view the whole interview in the video below. 


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  1. Amber Dawn says:

    I missed the interview lol! Thanks for sharing! I like this quick recap of what happened. I’ll always be a fan of hers.

    -Amber http://www.girlwithdrive.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Megan Ambers says:

      Thanks Amber! Yes, I thought she was very hilarious in this interview and she set some matters straight.


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