HappyBirthdayCudi: 10 Times Kid Cudi Flamed The Mic

You know how when you start taking an interest in someone and you began to dream up these ideas of who this person really is, and once you start talking to them you realize how right you were? Well, my situation isn’t as identical to that scenario, but I have learned a lot more recently about Cudi than I knew before. And actually, I am kind of rediscovering my fanmanship of Kid Cudi. Long story short, this guy is just pretty fucking dope. So I was watching Cudi’s OTHERTone interview with Pharrell and Scott Vener the other day and I had a revelation.

When Cudi was talking about working in the Bape store in downtown Manhattan, how he applied there four times before he was hired and how he borrowed his manager and co-workers’ clothes, it made me think. I thought about my own hardship growing up in NYC, and trying to persevere, even when it seems so much stands against you. During my senior year in high school, my friends and I spent more time out of school than in school. And we used to hang out downtown near Prince street where the Bape store is located. Of course, this is some time before Cudi started working there, so our paths never crossed, but that “What If” will always be there in the back of my mind. Now, while I listen to this interview, Cudi spoke about celebrating his 27th birthday and how he had accepted that if he didn’t make it to his 28th birthday, it was destiny. Even in his track ‘Soundtrack of my life‘ from the A Kid named Cudi Mixtape, Cudi made a reference about a possible demise “Hope I really get to see 30/ wanna settle down, stop being flirty/ Most of the clean faces be the most dirty.


But this is a milestone for Cudi, because not only did he pass the age of 27, he also passed age 30. And today as he turns 33 years old, I am going to share 10 of the hottest lines Cudi has ever spit on the mic. If you don’t see your favorite Cudi line, feel free to leave your favorite line or two, down below or drop a comment on my Instagram post.


1.  Down and Out (2008)

One day I’ll be what the world want me to be/ I was born to be super duper Scott/ The one bad bitches call super duper lame/Now super duper fame gives me super duper brains/86 to cape, but I’m super duper high/Soarin’ passed the moon I’m super duper lonely… guy.

2. Cudi Zone (2009)

Then all of a sudden they fixed they faces/Cause of who I know and trail of places/that I’ve stepped/How many niggas wanna hate cause I left?/His could you blame me and my plan of attack? Cause I’m risking my soul attack/Now I’m heard all over the map/only rule of thumb/It don’t really matter just where you from/ All that really matters is where you gonna go.

3. Mojo So Dope (2010)

A Whole new legion of some niggas/ Aiming high pass the idea slangin/Praise Allah for keeping me awake man/A lot of my niggas fell victim to the dope game/ Some things will never be the same.

4. Brothers (2013)

I do got the ones that do know Scott/They give me the love that a nigga need/If its a place to stay or a dime sack of weed/word to Dennis/Riding thick and thin til we finished/focused to keep the pockets replenished.

5. Cudderisback (2009)

Wanna know really, really, really who I’m dating/Is she civilian or super duper famous?/Is she African American, Caucasian or, Asian?/Or maybe Spanish, it doesn’t matter my nigga, I love them all. 

6. By Design (2016)

The universe never steered me wrong/The universe never lied/Take me bound to the come me down/The fantasy in this remedy/Free from where you don’t belong in the concept of time. 

7.  Mr. Rager (2010)

Knocked down round for round/You’re feeling like you’re shot down/On the ground/When will the fantasy end?/ When will the Heaven begin?

8. Through The Late Night (2016)

Blimp’s soarin’, how the hell did I get in this space? /Four in the mornin’, how did I get in this place?/Oh it don’t matter, got smoke, drink, and I’m runnin’ this space/Done contemplatin’, I’ma take it in and groove in this case/ N-Dimethyltryptamine and Lysergic acid diethylamide/ The vibes are effervescent, delicious, just how they should be.

**I honestly would like to know how the hell did Cudi pronounce these words, but also say them at the speed he did. Incredible.

9. Welcome To Heartbreak (2008)

And my head keeps spinnin/Can’t stop having these visions/I gotta get wit’ it. 

10. REVOFEV (2010)

Wake up, things might get rough/ No need to stress, keeps you down too much/Wake up, I heard they found a solution/Where’ll you be for the revolution?