To Be A MiSFiT: Jaden Smith 

I speak Jaden, Indefinitely.

When you think of the word ‘Misfit‘, what is the first thing that comes to mind? When I think of the word, I see a nonconformist who stands out from the crowd, someone who values their individuality in society. A person who may be seen as a weirdo, but have completely embraced the sense of the term. A misfit is a leader, innovator and a trendsetter. They encourage others to look within and express themselves in the most unfiltered and independent way. There are so many artists who speak out about conformity in uniquely different ways. So this idea of mines went from being a single blog post to a blog series of different creative minds that I have been inspired by. People who uses their platform to induce solutions instead of problems. One person that sticks out in my mind when I think of someone who speaks out against conformance in the world is Jaden Smith.

This brother, in my opinion, is the future. If you ever listen to any of his interviews or read his tweets, he speaks of the future and rarely dwells on the past. Innovators like Steve Jobs always spoke of the future, with a little shade and digs at Microsoft. But that’s neither here nor there. Thinking and speaking of the future encourages the brain to concentrate and focus more on solutions than of problems. While overseas, Jaden spoke about what being a misfit mean to him, how Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and others are considered Misfits because they all follow their own individuality and intuition with their music.

Being a MSFT is somebody that’s like, ‘I’m not gonna conform to society. I’m going to be a divergent thinker, someone who thinks of multiple solutions to one problem.

A divergent thinker is a person who uses a thought process that generates creative ideas by evaluating many possible solutions. When you think of a problem there is always more than one solution. Albert Einstein created and practiced the 55:5 thinking formula. 55 minutes on the problem and 5 minutes on the solution. “If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.” This would be an example of how a divergent thinker would look at a problem. Learn it, study it, accept it and then solve it. Jaden Smith is one of many that is dedicated to supporting waking up the population of Earth. There are so many media brainwashed zombies in the world, believing all that is force-fed to them on the boob tube.

At 19 years old, Jaden started his own clothing/lifestyle brand called MSFTSrep, in short of MSFTS Republic. A fashion line of hoodies, bomber jackets, T-shirts and hats that brands the face of Jaden and quotes, such as,”Only the lonely” and “Welcome Home“. In part of the website’s mission statement it states, “This republic truly started with the feelings and emotions of wanting to transform the conditioned mindsets of the masses into a more creative freely flowing environment—an environment in which one is free to experiment & is not judged for expressing oneself and the way one feels at any given moment…

When Jaden describes his brand MSFTSRep he said that although it is missing the two “I” in the term, It’s pronounced ‘misfits.’ He said that he took the ‘I’ out of ‘misfits’ because “we’re a team and there is no ‘I’ in team. It’s a place for the lost kids and everyone to go, and something for them to have.” He further explains that his brand is for “the girl that wants to be a tomboy or the boy that wants to wear a skirt, and people try to condemn. We’re here for you. Tell us your stories. If someone at your school’s trying to pick on you, it doesn’t matter because Jaden Smith’s got your back.” What a wonderful kid he is.

Alongside his fashion line, Jaden Smith is also passionate about JUST Water, a company that produces water with renewable resources.

It’s a bottle of water that has 74% less CO2 emissions than any of its competitors. 

Jaden Smith is the future. He is what this world needs now, someone who has empathy for others and the bravery to be different from the mundane society-approved warts who speaks out against thinking for yourself. This series was created to encourage my readers to be open-minded, creative, and brave. To not only think outside the box but to also think beyond the norm. To work with those crazy ideas that we sometimes ignore or downplay because we were afraid of how we would be judged by others. Life is too short to care. My next MiSFiT to discuss will be Pharrell Williams. I have been inspired by this dude since his Neptunes days. How he has progressed from his music to his fashion and expanding the minds of the youth is notable and worth the appreciation that he receives. Until next time.