Jim Jones Signs to Roc Nation. Jay-Z Won. 

Once upon a time not long ago, led a beef heard from anywhere and everywhere you go. A beef between two kings of two different territories, fighting over who told the best of their stories.  

Now that I am finished with my nursery rhyme, let’s talk about the latest member to join the Roc Nation family (throws the diamond in the sky). Some people may not have been as shocked as I was to hear that The Diplomats’ Capo Jim Jones has been signed to Roc Nation, but if anyone remembers the beef between him and Jay-Z then you would be.

When the breakup between Jay and Dame took place and the era of what was Roc-A-Fella came to an end, it left their artist roster in shambles. While most artists left with Jay, there were those are whom was most faithful to Dame, The Diplomats being one of them. The feud between Dame and Jay spilled over to a handicap matchup between Jim Jones and Harlem rapper Cam’Ron and Jay-Z. Years of diss records later, all the drama has boiled down to Jim Jones signing on the Roc Nation dotted line.

Although details haven’t been released on whether Jim signed a management or distribution deal, either one will make Jim lots of money. On Tuesday, Vic Medina of Roc Nation posted the photo of Jim signing the paperwork on his instagram page. “It’s a done deal… Jim Jones/Roc Nation #rocnation #vamplife

Roc Nation has signed many artists in the last couple of months, from Yo Gotti, The Lox and Fat Joe, but this signing is by far the most surprising. I guess we will have to wait and see what comes from this. (BALLIN)