Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj: Who Do You Have?

The streets have been talking since Remy Ma hits the studio, a lot of the female MCs today will have something to worry about. seems as though the Prophecy has been fulfilled. Yesterday (Feb 24) twitter was in an uproar when Nicki Minaj released not one, but two new tracks seemingly aimed at Remy’s dome piece, Gucci’s “Make Love” and “Swalla“.

Bitch I’m the greatest, no Kendrick and no Sia
I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia
Everybody know you jealous, bitch it’s so clear
Tell them bum ass bitches to play their role
She see my sexy ass every time she scroll
I got it in the can, Dole
Your career gon’ be with Anna Nicole
Witcha dumbass face
She ain’t eatin’ but I swear she got some bum ass taste
Text her man like, “Dawg, how that bum ass taste?”
Pay your rent! And stay in your bum ass place
Oooohhh, oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?
One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where? (bitch, where?)
Hahaha, ahhhhh
I took two bars off just to laugh
You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap
You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques
S, plural like the S on my chest
Now sit your dumbass down
You got an F on your test – Nicki Minaj ( Make Love)

It was apparent that Remy Ma was unbothered by the shots as she posted a video of herself… laughing it off. However, it wasn’t long before Remy cooked up her own diss track towards Nicki with “ShETHER”, rapped over the infamous “Ether” beat of Queen’s own Rapper, Nas. While there have been speculations of an uprooting beef between the two rappers, Remy spoke out candidly about how the industry pits female rappers against one other.

“There’s still so much discord between females in the game, whether it’s spoken or unspoken. You can see it in the fact that no one’s working together… People make it seem like there can only be one woman in hip-hop. [I] blame it on us artists, because we can say we’re cool with each other all day, but if we’re not working together, how cool are we really? We were teaching each other things, we were supporting each other, we were watching out for one another. It is possible for women to stick together. I have seen the power of women working together. If women worked together the way they do at the lowest of lows, like they do in prison, I’m telling you, we would be amazing — guys wouldn’t be in charge of s–t!”

In the track, “shETHER”, Remy took shots at Nicki in several ways, concerning her rumored surgically-enhanced booty, and Nicki allegedly using a ghostwriter. But the most savage of all shade on the track is the allegations that Nicki slept with both Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and singer Trey Songz. She also alleges that she MAY have footage of Nicki snorting Cocaine. I guess that why she called it “shETHER”.

But it didn’t end there. While Remy is relaxing and admiring the public adoration she is receiving for her latest murder track, Nicki decides to take more shots at Remy on her instagram, by pointing out the apparent lack of sales that Remy Ma and Fat Joe‘s collaborative album, “Plato O Plomo” has made since it’s release two weeks ago.

To add insult to injury, Nicki also posted a video of herself with Queen Beyonce during thr recordings of Nicki’s “Feeling myself“. In the video, Beyonce is singing about Nicki, proclaiming her as the “Queen of Rap”, in the melody of the late Prince’s Darling Nikki.

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😘 she said *bey 🎀 *bigger

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Remy has yet to respond to the latest warning shots and Nicki has yet to release anything but meme and screenshots but I know this is far from over.

So who do you have? The Bronx beauty Reminisce Mackie or Queen Bombshell Onika Tanya Maraj?