Taylor Bennett Is More Than JUST Chance’s Little Brother With New Mix Tape

I’m listening to this album for the umpteenth time while I am writing this review because of how beautifully crafted it is.  Taylor is more than his brother’s little brother and this album makes that crystal clear. Although, they not only look-alike and sound alike as well, this is probably his (what I BELIEVE) declaration  that he is his own man.  Since the release of his third mix tape, Broad Shoulders and its accompanying same titled short film, Taylor has come out on twitter as bisexual, he suffered from an  unexpected health scare last summer, and watched his brother Chance’s stardom skyrocket to the top.  Restoration of an American Idol  is a nine-track classic that includes collaborations with  Jeremih, Lil Yachty, Raury, producer Mike Will Made It and Big brother Chance the rapper. Starting off with an intro featuring Princeton from Mindless Behavior, Taylor sets the mood and the tempo of the mix tape, as he spoke candidly about his grind in the industry and as an artist.


My shoulders got broader, my music got smarter
I work like this shit is a privilege
Damn they’re still facing imprisonment
All of this work in my catalogue fidgeting
I took a break like it’s bad on my ligaments
Two months in Cali then back at my residence
Listen, when God sends his messages
I made a masterpiece, I’m from America


During an interview with The Fader website, Taylor reveals how the collaboration Grown Up Fairy Tales,  with brother Chance came into fruition.

When I got sick and I was in New York, when I was on my hospital bed, I just called Chance and I was like, “You know, I can’t stop thinking about this song. I need this song. Please give me this song, please send me this song so I can hear it.” I don’t even think I was asking for him to give it to me, I was just asking to hear it.

He sent the song to me, there was 15 seconds of, like, no beat at the end, which is not enough to write to. So I’m sitting in this hospital and constantly going back to these 15 seconds to the point where I’d almost wrote half the verse and the verse is really, really long. So I ended up calling him, and I was like, “Yo, can I get this song, I really want this song,” and he was like, “You know what, I got you.” And he gave it to me which was, like I said, a really big honor because I really loved that song.

As I listened to the album, especially with New York Nights I could only admire the fact that Taylor poured his heart out on this album. From his youth and teenage years to flexing on people with Raury on Nobody tell a name , Taylor hits all corners of his life and there is a track that everyone can relate to.  Overall, this is a beautiful album, the melody, the lyrics, the collabs, didn’t hurt that big bro was on there as well. I highly recommend the mix tape to anyone who loves real poetic hip hop music.

Taylor has also announced his own personal tour, The Taylor Bennett Show and released the dates of the 14 dates-10 cities tour. You can purchase tickets here.