#DetroitFinest: Big Sean’s Most Notable Industry Beefs


This past Saturday (March 25)  Sean the Don, Big Sean turned the big 29! From signing to G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam Recordings and then Roc Nation in 2014, Big Sean has made moves big like his first name. I haven’t really jumped onto the Big Sean train until his debut album “Finally Famous” back in 2011, but since then I have been a true Big Sean fan. I even admired his interview with Necole Bitchie of then NicoleBitchie.com, when he spoke about Law of attraction and how he uses it when it comes to his career as a rapper. “People don’t know that I am into being spiritual. I am into the law of attraction.” Since 2011, Big Sean has been nominated for Grammys, BET Awards, MTV Video music awards for Best rap songs, Best New Artist video, etc. When Big Sean isn’t known for who he is currently dating or even his big hits on the Billboard charts, he is known for the beefs that he has in the industry with other rappers.

Most recently, Kendrick Lamar released “The Heart Part 4”, that seemingly targeted Big Sean.

“My fans can’t wait for me to son ya punk ass and crush your whole lil shit
I’ll Big Pun ya punk ass, you a scared little bitch
Tiptoein’ around my name, nigga, ya lame
And when I get at you, homie, don’t you just tell me you was just playin’”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the lyrics are about Sean, it has been speculated that after Kendrick bodied Sean on “Control” that things have been a bit shaky between the Compton and Detroit rappers.

So in honor of Big Sean’s 29th birthday, I decided (no pun intended) to list some of Big Sean’s biggest beefs in the industry. As a rapper when it comes down to who is the best in the industry, the title isn’t handed to you. It is either taken or given by the fans, and even the latter is up for debate. Big Sean has always proclaimed himself as the best of the best, even with the line, “People ask me how I done make it, I’m just like “man if you want the crown, bitch you gotta take it“. But there have been plenty of rappers who don’t necessarily feel that Sean can compete in the same league with them, rappers such as Kid Cudi.



Big Sean and Kid Cudi:

The beef between the two former G.O.O.D Music labelmates started shortly after Cudi left G.O.O.D Music to branch out on his own, and when his WZRD Band partner, collaborator and long-time friend Dot Da Genius was dealing with Big Sean’s now girlfriend singer Jhene Aiko. When the news of Jhene and Dot Da Genius’ divorce became public, Cudi took to Twitter to release some built up aggression concerning his friend and the new couple. “The funny thing is, we aint sweatin these bum bitches and these corn ball ass niggas,” Cudi wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “We too busy makin better music.” That led Sean to reference the Cudi fallout in the song “No More Interviews. “From Stunna and Wayne, Cudi and Ye/ What happened to our family ways though,” Sean rhymes. “When I put you on that song with Nas you had told me that you was forever grateful/ And that we brothers, so it hurt to hit the internet to find out that me and you don’t f–k with each other/ Over a miscommunication that probably could be fixed with a five-minute conversation, I’m still praying for ya.” There haven’t been any clear shots between the two rappers since the release of the track, but who knows what is come in the near future.



Big Sean and Drake:

The beef between Drake and Big Sean although short-lived, it was pretty monumental in the music of today. The beef rumors started after Big Sean accused Drake of stealing his rapping style. Even after Drake defended himself, the fans and other music lovers saw what everyone else saw which was a beef seemingly growing between the two rappers. While in Detroit, Drake had this to say about the supposed beef between him and Sean. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on you know what I am saying. People trying to make shit… but I’ma let you know one thing… I’ma say this right now in front of all my Detroit people man. I’ma let you know Big Sean you my nigga man, for real on everything man…If I got to tell you this way, I tell you this way. I don’t want to make people make shit what it isn’t, man that’s my nigga I got the utmost respect for him. I love Detroit” Big Sean also addressed a tweet from Drake in an interview with VladTv. A tweet that was posted shortly after Big Sean stated that he could out-rap Drake.

Nah, It’s funny, I usually don’t share personal information, but Drake hit me up and was like, “yo, I think people misconstruing  this tweet I just tweeted”, cause he didn’t hear about what I did– what I said about my release party, and he was like you did rip that song.


2013 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals


Big Sean and Naya Rivera:

There was a moment in time when Big Sean was proudly engaged to the Glee star Naya Rivera and even released a Christmas card together as a couple soon to marry. But as quickly as they had fallen in love, the couple called off their engagement and announced their breakup altogether. Big Sean and Naya met initially over twitter and soon became cozy with one another. Although the couple was dating several months before it was publicly announced, they announced the engagement in October of 2013, but ended it 6 months later, due to Naya discovering Sean cheating on her. It was Sean who allegedly called off the engagement after Naya caught him with Ariana Grande, whom he started dating shortly after the announcement. In her autobiography Sorry Not Sorry, Naya spoke candidly about the problems that she was having with her then-fiance before the breakup. “We’d been fighting for five straight days while he was traveling, and then on the one day that he was back in LA, he said he didn’t want to see me.” Naya also stated in her book that she had no idea that the engagement was off, that in fact, she learned it online with the rest of the world.

 ‘I learned that I was no longer getting married from the internet, and at the same time as the rest of the world. Not only were we no longer getting married, but apparently, we weren’t even together anymore.’  

There was also an allegation on Naya’s end that “her ex” stole a watch from her home, a claim that Sean has denied. However, Naya didn’t realize that when going toe-to-toe with a musician, they will use their platform of music to respond back. In the same track that Sean replied back to Cudi, “No more Interviews”, Sean took straight shooters to the woman he had once loved. “And the funny thing about it is my ex wanna write a tell-all. F**ked up thing about it is she ain’t even tell all.” In reference to Naya’s autobiography, Sean makes claims that she left a few key points out, pointers that he didn’t mind making public. “I won’t tell them all the other parts about you that’s plastic / This my last time putting my ex in a song even though the last one went triple platinum.” Big Sean seemingly confirmed what a lot of the fans believed for a long time that his track, “I don’t fuck with you” was all about Ms. Rivera. Since all of this has taken place, Naya has gotten married, had a baby and filed for a divorce from her husband. Big Sean is happily dating girlfriend and the other half of the group TWENTY88, Jhene Aiko. No love lost.




Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar:

The most talked about rising beef of today is the brewing one between Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean. Two days before, Big Sean’s birthday K. Dot released a new track, “The heart part 4”, which set ablaze Black twitter and all hip hop lovers. As I had mentioned earlier, Kendrick dropped a line that not did people believe was a shot at Big Sean but also Drake. “’I was just playing K.Dot c’mon you know a n-gga rock with you bro’. Shut the f-ck up you sound like the last n-gga I know. Might end up like the last n-gga I know. Oh you don’t want to clash? Yeah n-gga I know,” he rapped on the track. If the track was indeed shots at Big Sean, it most certainly wasn’t unwarranted. Hip Hop fans believed that once again, on the track “No more interviews“, Sean also had some choice words for Kendrick, by describing a rapper who raps so fast that it sounds like one big asthma attack. Sean also said on the track that this rapper was claiming to be the savior of rap. There has always been this confirmed emerging beef between Kendrick and Sean after the release of “Control” back in 2013 when the fans pretty much declared Kendrick the winner of the track, which is actually a Sean track that also featured Jay the Electronica. During a visit to The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne, Dj Envy and Angela Yee, Big Sean couldn’t help but disagree with Charlamagne as he spoke about K.Dot “washing” Sean on the track.


Beef in the industry is inevitable when you are at the top of your game and making a lot of moves there will be others who will watch what you do and want to do it too. Big Sean had made it clear in interviews that beefing with other rappers isn’t something that he looks forward to doing. He doesn’t believe that it is productive arguing over dumb shit. But in this industry, it happens, and it happens more often than we would like to admit. As of right now, no one knows for absolute certain if the track “The heart part 4” is directed at Sean or even Drake, but what we do know is… it’s far from over.