“Calabasas” versus. “Yeezy Season 5.1”


So I was strolling on my timeline on twitter and came across a very interesting tweet, a tweet from a good friend of mines, Michael Monroe‘s magazine Contrast twitter account. Contrast Magazine covers a lot of things from Music, Hollywood, Pop Culture and everything in between. Most recently, the magazine released an exclusive from stylist to the stars and an editorial director of the magazine, Haley Camille. A shot at the new Yeezy Season 5 and Adidas Collaboration “Calabasas” that he launched just last week.

Now I am not from California at all, never lived there, never been there and probably California dreamed more than anyone else that I know. However, Camille believes that Kanye is not doing any justice for the popular county of California and even went as far as to shoot (not from a pellet gun) from a full sized M65 atomic cannon by naming her line, “Yeezy Season 5.1” (Yes, girl she did.)

Not a move that Kanye won’t see and won’t acknowledge when the time is right. The line is really cute though, and it is even being reported that there are even some celebrities orders. But it does make me question just how far a person will go to make a name for themselves by riding the coat tail of another. I mean, I understand that Kanye is from Chicago and probably don’t know the first thing about Calabasas, and maybe his wife could speak on the style of the county better, but to name it after his line, doesn’t it sound a little… “Attention seeking“? But maybe that is what Haley is going for. But as I stated before, it is a very cute line and you can see it in the gallery down below.

Haley, of course, had some choice words about Kanye and what she considers his “pathetic” line, collaboration with Adidas, “Calabasas”. Hopefully, the Kardashian Legal time doesn’t have an issue with the chosen name of her line.

For someone who swears to be at the forefront of culture and fashion, it’s kind of funny (and a little sad) how Kanye West missed the mark so badly with his Yeezy Season 5 fashion line and now his pathetic “Calabasas” line with Adidas he’s selling through yeezysupply. How did he miss it? Let me count the ways… He didn’t just miss the mark when it comes to showing clothes that are allegedly supposed to represent living in LA’s famed “Valley” – he wasn’t apparently even in the same room as the damn mark in the first place!

He got it so, so wrong in almost every. single. possible. way.

My eyes could literally not roll high enough into my head when I saw his Yeezy Season 5 collection. What the hell am I looking at? My eyes are stuck to the roof of my eyelids now after I saw today’s launch of his collab with Adidas called “Calabasas” – I mean, um… what the actual f*ck???

It looks to me like that gated Calabasas community he lives in isn’t just gated, it’s covered in a bubble. If you think the Yeezy Season 5 fashion line is meant to convey the “authentic” style and aesthetic of the real people from The Valley, then I guess you also would think it was normal if you walked into a Vegas club pool and everyone was wearing tuxedos and parkas.

While it would take me forever to tell you what it’s like growing up in The Valley – the real valley… I’m talking Agoura Hills, the real (non-gated) side of Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and everywhere in between, I can tell you that it’s NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. to Yeezy’s “vision’ (which is clearly a little blurred from those rosy glasses he is wearing).

Growing up there, if you didn’t wear VonDutch, UGG boots and Juicy sweats, you were shunned. Our style is some straight up fashion ammo, not some twisted nonsense camo Kanye’s brand is parading around saying its the OG Valley style. There is a real look and a real vibe that we breathe and we live when it comes to our fashion… and you grow up in it – it becomes part of you, who you are. All over the real valley, each neighborhood has a unique life, a unique breath – and it’s all expressed in the way we dress.

It will be rather interesting to watch this line unfold and exactly how Kanye handles the new competition. You know he loves to put on a good show.

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