RECAP: The last seven months of 2017 -During my hiatus 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who continue to visit my website and share my thoughts on their social media accounts. Despite being away for almost 3 months now, you have shown nothing but kind gesture and words, and I will always appreciate that. Thank you.

I stepped away from my site to bring back the focus that was so desperately needed in my life. I was trying to do way too many things at once and I found myself in a rut. A lot of my attention was depended on by my son Michael, and him getting used to being in a new school with new children. Which, despite what most people would think, a young child getting acquainted with a new teacher and new children is a process all within itself. But while I was away, I did learn a few things about myself and my relationship with myself and with others. It was not a very easy lesson to learn, but as they say (paraphrasing, of course) If you don’t learn your history, you are doomed to repeating it.

In the beginning of the year I wrote a post about my goals for this year and why it was important for me to meet them.  And although some things that I didn’t share in the post has come true, the year is still young and there is still time to make the rest of my resolutions, a reality.

July is almost over and it fascinating to me how much I did get to do already. So I want to do a little recap on what’s been going on in my life for the last 7 months. I am still on a high over finding what feels like the perfect apartment for myself and my son. It took a while for us to get familiar with the neighborhood and our new surroundings, but its been 5 months now and we both couldn’t be happier.

During the transition of moving and getting back to the old pre-baby me, I worked a few weeks under a publicist from Las Vegas that I met through networking from twitter. My place was not only to work under her, but I was also in charge of the other interns to come. Although it was a short-term experience and I walked away knowing more than I knew, but it just became a little overwhelming for me to keep up with the workload that I was given and other work that I had at the time. So I went my own separate way, with the hope that we will work together again on a later date. This year has definitely been a year of more UPs than DOWNs. Lessons and blessings. Shortly after moving into my place, I celebrated my 30th birthday and it was well welcomed. I remember going through this dramatic reaction that you may witness most people go through with the idea that growing older. However, next to the year I had given birth to my son, this has been my best year thus far. While I took that time to reconnect with myself and the woman who I was created to be on a spiritual level, I also reconnected with a friend who invited me to a show that he had here in NYC. (READ HERE)


I had the pleasure of watching him in his rarest of form, along  with his sister. And after 7 years of correspondence, I finally had the opportunity to meet and talk to her in person and she really is as sweet as you would expect her to be.

This year I took the initiative to tale michael on little “mommy and me” trips around the city. I took Michael to the zoo for the very first time, during spring break. Never had the opportunity to take him before and with a friend and her little niece, we visited one of the popular zoos in NYC, the Bronx Zoo. It was hectic and people were impatient, but overall we had a great time. He loved looking and learning about all of the animals that he has seen on TV and in school. I can’t wait for the opportunity to take him to the aquarium next. 

Last month, I unexpectedly scored a pair of wristbands from Fader for the Governor’s ball NYC (a three-day music festival that is held annually here).

 I decided to go with a former colleague from the website I worked at last year. Since this was my first time attending the festival, I could only imagine this experience would be like how I imagine attending Coachella would be. It was very much what I expected. There were people on top of people everywhere. People lying on the grass, taking selfies, flower crowns everywhere, and the occasional blunt and vapor pens. A modern-day Woodstock. We missed the first night with Chance the rapper (long story) so when we attended the Saturday show, we were excited to see Wu-Tang Clan’s performance because it just so happened to be their 20th anniversary since their first album. It was amazing to witness how so many people (young and old) Knew every word to every song verbatim. Some experiences, however, was not expected. For instance, I got caught up in a mosh pit (not as fun as it seems) and people were crowd surfing. LOL We were also sprayed with Moët and water, courtesy of RZA and Method Man. Afterwards, we walked what seemed like a mile to the other stage to catch Childish Gambino’s performance. And I must state that watching him is a life-altering experience, and If you have never seen a Childish Gambino live performance, sell a lung (if you must) and go to see him. You will not regret it. Afterwards, we got lost looking for the transit bus and i didn’t get home until almost 3 AM. 

During this hiatus, I also started to go back to networking events again. It was suggested to me by Erin Ashley Simons (formerly Revolt Tv and now Cycle media) to get out there and meet new people. I left with two business cards, Instagram info from one musician from south Carolina and contact info from the co-founder of the digilogue (the creators of the event). Not so bad for a girl out of practice. 

Oh. And this happened. 

And yes, it is a really big deal to me. LOL 

And lastly, the most recent thing I’ve done was become a contributor for DJ Vashtie’s website. This opportunity is important to me because it gives me room to grow as a writer, to expand my knowledge of wellness and beauty content. When I worked for HU and even on this site, I always spoke about music, pop culture, current events and so on. I never had the opportunity before to talk about wellness, health regimens, beauty products and etc. This is a time for me to step out of my comfort zone and expand my writing skills to new and higher lengths. 

 A good writer can write about anything … really well. An exceptional writer can write about everything… really well. 

Totally just made that up just now. But tell me I’m wrong. 😌

So I am so very excited to be a part of her team and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. (You can find me here.)

Before I end this quick (not so quick) post, I wanted to do a short rundown on the top 10 things that has happened in the celebrity world while I was away. Some may and some may not be important to you, but it for certain was trending.

10.Diddy’s Can’t stop won’t stop movie.

9. MSFTRep and Roc Nation partnership 

8. Migos vs. Joe Burden

7. Blue Ivy freestyles on 4:44

6. Kanye working on a new album

5. Kid Cudi returns to the stage at BET experience

4. Rob got robbed by Blac Chyna

3.Jay-Z releases his 13th studio album 4:44

2. Beyoncé has Sir and Rumi Carter 

1. We lost Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and the Original batman, the Legendary Adam West

This slideshow requires JavaScript. will be back up and running on Tuesday, August 15, and I really miss it and desperately need to get back into the swing of things.

See you then.