Is Kim Kardashian Defending Jeffree Star Going Against the Grain? 

As a black woman who absolutely adores Kim Kardashian, it already sounds like an anomaly, a contradiction of sorts. But as a black woman first, and a Kim Kardashian fan second, I have to talk about this situation that she has put herself in by defending makeup mogul Jeffree Star. 

As much as I love makeup, I have never been one to watch tutorials on YouTube or even go out and spend tons of money on different palettes and cosmetic products. I like my drugstore makeup all the same. Hey Covergirl!  To be brutally honest, I have never even heard of a Jeffree Star until a few years ago when my mother mentioned that he was going back and forth with another makeup artist by the name of MakeupbyShayla, another MUA I wasn’t familiar with. I watched his Snapchat videos and although he came off as arrogant and aggressive, I felt maybe he was coming from a good place. He was defending a makeup convention goer and maybe Shayla was being mean and bitchy. But wasn’t I wrong. I started looking up videos of Jeffree and didn’t like what I found. I originally felt compassion for Jeffree, because his story was compelling. Being dirt poor, bullied, depression, a story that just pulls at your heart strings. But what I learned was far from that. I did not like it. The use of the N word, and the blatant disrespect towards women of color and disregard of the word, the meaning and the history behind it was appalling. I knew there was going to be an unwavering distaste from me for Jeffree because at the time he was so passive about these issues.  “I was young and dumb. I can’t change the past only the future.” 

Fast forward to a few months ago when Jeffree released his latest apology after a public feud with another black MUA Jackie Aina. Again, I wasn’t all too aware of Mrs. Jackie before the feud, but it was a short period of time before I realized that once again Jeffree decided it would be best to call another black woman outside of her name. It’s hard enough being a black woman in America, a country that don’t even see nor respect us as equal. But to be in the makeup community with a man who feels that he can say what he wants out of anger and then apologize because it’s the “RIGHT THING TO DO” is bullshit.

Kim, you know I love you girl. But you couldn’t be more WRONG in this situation. You are a mother to two biracial black children and a wife to a FULL black man, who this country wants to deem as crazy because he speaks his mind as freely as he should be able to. Jeffree do not need defending, he needs a class on decorum and how to respect women of color.You are asking us to forgive a man who said foul and disgusting things that he knew was wrong. It’s not like he didn’t know or wasn’t aware, he stated himself, he said those things because he was an “angry young man”. Angry at who? To ask us to just forgive this problematic individual, who go on tirades and spew hateful things, is asking us to just sweep this shit under the rug. We shouldn’t have to. How many times does this man get to open his mouth and say unforgivable things to only have women who will never know what it is like to be called a “NIGGER” cape in to save him? 

Again, I really adore Kim and no I don’t hold it against her for trying to make peace between Jeffree and the black community. But it is not her place to do so. Jeffree has been a problem for years, this is nothing new. He will continue to be a problem because I don’t believe he truly understands the power of his words, his audience and his brand. And it won’t be until he truly understands and practice what he preaches before the process of forgiving him can begin.