Rapper Cuban Link Claims He Has Been Blackballed For Years By Fat Joe

Yes, You read right and no, you are not reading this in 2004. Rapper Cuban Link formerly a part of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad, recently laid out his truth about being blackballed for all of these years, holding Fat Joe fully responsible for it. On a recent interview of Murder Master Music Show, Cuban Link alleges that Fat Joe is behind the execution of him being blacklisted in the industry. Cuban explains the connections that Fat Joe have in the industry, and also implicates Loud and SRC founder Steve Rifkind as someone who has the capability of blackballing him.

Joe came in through Chris Lighty, [He] was the one who backed him when it came to the music. That was his channel. That’s how he got his deal with Relativity [Records]. Then he had his alliances with Steve Rifkind and then after that, the dude from Atlantic Records. I forgot his name. These are powerful people. You doing business with these guys over years, and you make ’em happy ’cause you brought [Big] Pun to Steve Rifkind. You made millions of dollars with Steve, so of course he is gonna be your fucking friend. I’m not just calling out Steve Rifkind, ’cause I don’t have no proof he did anything.

Cuban Link has not only singled out DJ Kay Slay but also DJ Khaled in assisting in the blackballing with Fat Joe. He shares a story about how someone stopped playing his music due to DJ Kay Slay’s request.

There was a time where a nigga in North Carolina came and told me, ‘Yo I can’t move the Cuban Link tape no more ’cause Kay Slay said he is not gonna supply me with his music if I’m dealing with Cuban! So, you’re seeing situations like that.

Cuban Link ends the interview by talking about the difference between his beef with Fat Joe and the beefs Fat Joe had in the past with other rappers specifically 50 Cent. Cuban Link also states that there is no possibility of ever resolving his issues with Fat Joe, claiming that Joey would do just about anything to stay on the top of the rap game .

..They going to try to make amends, it’s when they have no choice to and they know that can’t stop it, because they know you are too powerful. So that’s why they going to try to make amends. That’s why he made amends with 50, I think in my mind. I know that 50 hurt him in the business shit, and at the end of the day let’s make peace. With me, it’s different because it’s personal, We got history together, some great history, some good history and some bad history. He knows what he did to me. I could sit down in the room and talk, but it’s gotta be a both ways conversation where you understand what I’m saying and that’s if I believe you. A person like that, I don’t even believe. Nah, last time we ever rocked or said anything to each other was … none of that ’cause it goes back to the streets and at the end of the day, the street things ain’t settled.