Are The Same Girls Being Shared In Hollywood?


I know I can not be the only one who has noticed some of the same “famous” girls of Hollywood with different rappers and actors. And before you even start to think of the worst, this is not a shot or shade at their sexuality, because we can only assume that there is even sex involved. This is about seeing the same women and men in Hollywood dating each other. A few months ago, Kylie Jenner and Travi$ Scott were spotted hanging out with one another at a basketball game and even at the Coachella festival, before it was confirmed that they were indeed dating. This was shortly after Kylie and long time boyfriend Rapper Tyga have decided to go on their own separate ways, resulting in Tyga moving out. And again, this isn’t to say that she is promiscuous, but it is to question why are these rappers dating the same women?

I can only assume that Hollywood is a small community of the filthy rich and highly famous and the pickings are slim. I mean what else could be the reason of dating or “talking to” someone who was once dating a friend or colleague of yours? It is almost as if everyone is taking a turn. In the last few (6) years, Kylie has been linked to PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ex- boyfriend Tyga, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and even rumored to have dated A$AP Rocky, who was linked with her sister Kendall. (See what I mean?) But it isn’t only Kylie that I have noticed this with. A$AP Rocky who have once dated Model Chanel Iman, was once rumored to have dated both Ryan Leslie and Kanye West. It seems to be harder for regular women to date men in the industry because of the tight circle of friends that exist in L.A. The opportunity to sought out a relationship with an average woman is apparent to be nonexistent.

This thought stems from an article that I wrote about whether dating a celebrity was a good or bad thing. See, some women and men aren’t prepared to dating the opposite sex in the industry, and can be completely swarmed by paparazzis, privacy invasion and people from the past resurfacing. The relationship can end before it even begins. You can like someone all you want, and you may even be genuinely interested in getting to know them on a personal level, but the obstacles with dating a famous person just seems to hard as shit. But thats another article.

So why is it that famous women are being passed around like a blunt on the set of a Snoop Dogg video? LOL I don’t mean that in an ugly way, but it is not true? Again, when you see the same Socialite or Athlete dating multiple famous people, do you not question why that is? Maybe it is nothing more than publicity stunts and they just link up to share clout together. But it does get a bit tiresome looking at the same faces coupled with the same other famous faces with headlines of their fake relationship issues that we are suppose to care about. When you think of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, you can’t help but to think of Bella Hadid and how she was friends with Selena when she dated Abel. And the fact that Bella learned about the relationship online with the rest of the world was pretty terrible too.

Hollywood has always been a small community of famous people sharing and sleeping with one another. Some things will never change. Years will pass on and the same thing will apply to the stars of the future, dating to keep their relevancy alive. Not quite sure why it seems to be different with the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. But we continue to see these girls on the arms of other rappers, athletes and socialites until the newer generation takes over.


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  1. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    I swear these chicks aren’t really dating these guys. Just collecting checks and putting on a front. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in Hollywood and the little bit I’ve peeped behind the curtain makes me not really wanna look that much further into the mechanics of the illusion. I just hope half the shit I read/saw is untrue.

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