Is KiD CuDi Preparing For The Biggest Comeback Of His Career? 

It has been eight months since the release of his seventh solo studio album; Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin‘ and what seems to have been a hibernation from the industry. But during the last few months, Kid Cudi has made his way back into the spotlight, one sporadic appearance at a time.

Back in June, Cudder performed for the first time since his new years performance back in December, at the BET experience music festival. The headliner of the first of the three night event, spoke from his heart as he told the audience that he was “Good“, after speculations due to his disappearance on all of his social media accounts. It wasn’t until the middle of July when Cudi was spotted at Disney World in Anaheim, California before we saw him again and even then we were not informed of any new information on his plans. It was back in April when his manager Dennis Cummings tweeted that they were working on a tour. It was on August 15 that the tour dates were finally revealed. A highly anticipated tour that the fans were impatiently waiting for.

Kid Cudi Tour Dates revealed

The speculation of a possible collaboration between Cudi and Adidas started to spread across social media after the Create Positivity campaign video featuring SURFIN from Cudi was released.

It was only then that the single from his sixth studio album, SURFIN started to appear on TV programs and video games, including HBO’S Ballers and the latest NBA Live 2018 game. As the rumors did start off as a bit of a reach, Cudi and Kanye started to hang out a little more to, which only added fuel to the Cudi fire that made the fans start to put the pieces together to come up with their own very interesting conclusions.

It was only a few days after the first picture of Cudi and Kanye outside Kanye’s studio in LA, when the two were spotted in both China and then in Japan together. And it was on the trip to Japan, that two producers from Kanye’s Through the wire posted up what appeared to be a confirmation for a possible collaborative album.

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Can we expect the biggest comeback for Cudi thus far? With a tour soon to start and a collaborative album with Kanye, that has been long overdue, can this spill over to a TAKEOVER in 2018? Cudder seems to think so.


Oh and by the way, Man on the Moon: The end of Day went double platinum.


Update: This morning I woke up to finding out that this particular post was featured on the forum and I was truly grateful for that. However, I just want to clear up some things that was mentioned on the forum.

  1. I wrote this article not for the fans who have been following the career of Kid Cudi from the beginning. I wrote this article for the people who believed that his career ended after Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven. I wrote this article for the people who like to say, “I miss the old cudi”. I wrote this article for those who believe that he will never be as good as the way he once were. I wrote this article to show those people that Cudi never left. Cudi never quit. He is back and better and stronger than he was ever once before. This is to show them that you can’t keep a genius down.
  2. Now… This is where I have to keep things 1000%. Back in June, I did create a petition. A petition to get Cudi to come online and update us on how he has been doing. It was a lighthearted joke between a friend of mines and I, and I decided to go along with it to see what happens. It was told by someone that I did consider an “associate” that I was upset by the results. I didn’t expect much of a turn out, so the results didn’t upset me as much as the reaction from people who considers themselves fans of Kid Cudi. As a community, we all want for him to be happy and content with life, going against one another for trying to make him aware that he is missed, sounds like something he would be against. I wasn’t told it was a dumb idea, maybe a little naive, but far from dumb. In fact, the petition resulted in Dot Da Genius following me on twitter. Not too bad, for a “DUMB” idea, huh?

Thank you for reading, sharing and liking my post. All comments positive and negative helps me improve my writing as a writer, because a job of writer is never done.