I’m Off On An Adventure: My Kid Cudi Experience with the PPDS tour 

Anyone who knows or follows me on any of my social media accounts know that I am an avid and faithful believer in the Law of Attraction. And less than a year ago, I wrote (on this site) one of my last posts of 2016. The post was an album review on “Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin'”. Less than a year ago, I spoke true words of an album that I absolutely adore. And here I am, once again, less than a year later, reviewing his tour for that very album. A tour that a lot of people felt would never happen. No one can tell me that manifestation isn’t real. No one can tell me that you can’t have whatever it is that you want. If you believe in something wholeheartedly, and trust that if it is meant for you, you will have it, then you will have it. If you never believe in LOA before, now is the time.

Traveling for a concert seems (and may sound) like an adventure until you have to sit on a bus for two hours. Not to say I didn’t enjoy Philadelphia, it is definitely the city of brotherly love. I suppose as a native New Yorker, I am used to walking or taking the public transportation. The open road, greenery, and the occasional glances from others on the bus kept my anxiety under control. Naturally an extrovert, I was solely concentrating on seeing someone whose music I fucking love. There is nothing like going to a show to see someone that seemingly the whole world loves as well. A united act of love for one person is such a powerful experience. But I will get back to that in a minute.

Anyway, as I arrived in the city, I was met up with my friend Tunisia, whom is from Philly and was going with me to the show. I wouldn’t consider her a diehard fan of Kid Cudi, but she was interested enough to come with me. Once we made it to the Mann center, we were met with a crowd of people who all had the idea to come early for the show too. There were a lot of people. There were moments when people jumped the line with that same old song and dance. “My friend is in the front” or “They were holding my spot for me.” It became tiresome rather quickly, you could imagine. It was a chilly day, we were growing impatient and it was a whole hour before we were finally let in. Once we were let in, one by one, people started to run up four flights of stairs in order to secure a place near the front of the stage. I thought it was just absolutely stupid, especially when the show wasn’t scheduled to start for another hour. However, once I got past the gate, I grabbed my friend’s hand and followed suit, running my ass right up those stairs too. (In my defense, although I thought it was stupid, I was known for always going against my better judgment.) Once we made it up to the top where the stage was located, we were both winded and tired. As I mentioned before, the show wasn’t scheduled to start for another hour, but with random “Cudi” chants and the cloud of weed smoke coating the air above the crowd, we were entertained in the meantime. As it grew closer to showtime, the crew ran into a little snag, when they couldn’t get the lights together. Again, people were growing impatient, and wanting to see the man of the hour, I was too. But if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, specifically this tour, you will APPRECIATE the lights. It compliments the set design so much. (But yeah, the crew got to do better next time. Just saying.) While waiting, a few people from the crowd, including myself noticed Dot Da Genius in a small secluded area on the far right side of the stage. It was quite a few of us who “Projected”  our voices to get his attention. Lol (We did.)

It was minutes after eight thirty and the anticipation was out of control. And it was at that moment, we knew, he was coming. In a swift moment the stage went black, and the fog machines went off. The perfect example of synchronization. The crowd went batshit and in the midst of the fog, a visual appeared on the screens on stage. While typing this up, I learned that a company by the name of Out Land visuals was responsible for the enchanted forest theme. What you saw in both the Frequency and Surfin videos are exactly what you will see on this tour. (I took some pictures before the actual show started.)

As the fog started to clear a little, several rows of trees appeared on the virtual green screen stretching down to a path of more trees like a mushroom-induced version of Alice in Wonderland. It was colorful, trippy and exciting. The crowd grew quiet only for a second as we stared, mesmerized at what we saw. It was only for a few minutes that the blinking of lights and special effects quieted the roars of cheers and chants for Cudder, because that moment when he came out from the fog the crowd went fucking crazy. Stepping out to the song Baptized in Fire  from his critically acclaimed album Passion, Pain and Demon Slaying was of epic proportions. Everyone was just so happy to see him, alive and well, healthy and strong. Reciting every word of his lyrics brought a lightness to his face, as we played second to the master at hand. He spoke to us as candid as a big brother would to his younger, more impressionable siblings. REVOFEV shortly after and it reminded me of watching an old YouTube video of him performing this song at the Bape store in NYC. “Wake up, things might get rough. No need to stress, keeps you down too much…” Our everyday problems didn’t matter at that moment, Cudi was reassuring us of that. “Wake up, I heard they found a solution. Where’ll you be for the revolution..” Everybody knew the words, everybody knew his ad-libs, we sang that song verbatim with him. I was hyped, I was geeked out, but it wasn’t until Frequency came on that I went batshit. I literally lost my mind and Cudi saw everything. You know that one person that gets drunk at a party and starts flailing their arms wildly, like one of those Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men? Well…that wasn’t me. But I went just as crazy and yep… he saw. It was like for that one moment, no one else mattered.

The next song was more fitting to the environment of weed smoke in the air, Marijuana blared from the speakers into the night sky. “ Pretty green bud…all in my blunt.” An ode to what became synonymous to Cudi, like Snoop and Wiz Khalifa. Days before start of the tour King Chip, formerly known as Chip the Ripper announced that he will be joining Cudi on tour. It was that moment the music of Just what I am (another personal favorite of mine) Started playing really loud. Chip came out and with his friend/brother, joined forces for two tracks from the Indicud album. Ironically, the next song was titled Brothers, in which Cudi ask for us to put our hands in the air if we were present with someone we love. We cheered as Chip finished his performance and we anticipated on what other songs Cudi had in store for us. Two more tracks from his last album, By Design and Kitchen came afterwards. Although Andre 3K wasn’t presented to sing the song along with him, we sang his parts along with Cudi. The show was already halfway over and we didn’t want it to come to an end. He continued to shower us with his greatness. The next song Cudi performed was Through the late night, a song featuring his protegee Travi$ Scott on Scott’s last album Birds in the trap sing McKnight. It had appeared that Cudi took into consideration what he wanted his set list to be, going back and forth between his second album, Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager, with the hit single Mr. Rager, which made the crowd go insane, to Rose Golden. A track featured on his last album, singing alongside Miss Willow Smith.

Oh, since I was young, been grooving to my own drum. Ain’t that many teachers, showed me my potential. Felt like a failure, mama said you know better. Future in my hand. God, she had a plan. Stronger than I know, soon I’d understand. The power I possess, the story of The Chosen.”

One of his most powerful songs (in my opinion) That night. From Cudi Zone, Memories featuring David Guetta, to Day N’ Night, Cudi gave us his everything. High energy, laughter and a break from real life bullshit. We were honored to have experienced Kanye’s…. Voice on Father Stretch My Hands, another track that Cudi was featured on of Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album. I hope Kanye felt our love for him that night because we most definitely sung that song like our lives depended on it. 

The night wind down and Cudi took the opportunity to talk to us as he has before. I felt it meant something more since it was the first night of his tour. We listen diligently as he told us that he missed us, that he feels better than ever, and reminded us that whatever we go through in life, we can conquer it. It was at that moment, we knew the show was closing out to the end when the pursuit of happiness started to play. This song has always made me a little sad while listening to it. Sad because he has been through so much and when he talks about it, he talks with such emphasis and meaning. And with the whole meaning of the song being about looking for happiness, it just always seems like Cudi is still looking. He closed out the show with Surfin from the PPDS album, which helped lift my spirits a little, although it was still a joyous yet sad ending. After the song ended, he told us that he loved us again and thanked us for coming to his show, before wishing us safe travels. And just like that, he was gone. The show was over, the crowd started chanting “Encore!”, in hopes that he would come back out for one more song. But he didn’t. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had this year. No one could have told me that I would go to a show of his so soon after writing about him for the first time. He was never a disappointment, and I would recommend this tour to anyone. If you can go and see him, you should. I am back home now and still high from the show. It could be some late reaction to the contact high from the show too.

If there was one more thing that I can say to wrap up this beautiful experience, it would be this