Up-and-Coming Artist: Aeriel

I am always looking for new artists and new music to listen to, and sometimes I find them and other times they find me. A few days ago, an artist by the name of Aeriel reached out to me and asked if I would listen to her music. I did and it was sooo good.  Aeriel is a R&B/Pop singer-songwriter from L.A. that not only embodies the messages she portrays in her music, but is beautiful while doing it.  Being a representation for all women across the world, her alluring and captivating voice will draw you in seductively.  

In her bio, Aeriel admits that she wasn’t always such a strong, opinionated woman she is today. Being both shy and quiet growing up, it wasn’t until the age of thirteen, that she started to get into creating music. Not comfortable with sharing the music she was creating, encouraged to take the music career to the next level by her family to . 

Her new single Be Down (link down below) is about a woman who has  nostalgic memories for a guy that may not have been the best for her. A track guaranteed to put you in your feels. Ladies, you know what guy I am talking about.  

 Be Down featured on Sad Girls Club, her debut EP expected to drop in late 2017. 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aerielmusic/bedown

You can also follow Aeriel at @aerielmusic