​XXXTentacion Punches Fan During Rolling Loud Festival Performance

This year’s Rolling Loud Festival in the Bay Area has started with a bang. Literally. This past Saturday (October 21) Rapper turned Twitter Prophet Lil B the BasedGod, found himself in a real bad situation when he was jumped by a 10-man entourage, including rappers PNB Rock and A Boogie. However, in this turn of events, it wasn’t rapper versus rapper, but rapper versus fan. 

The controversial rapper XXXTentacion was filmed hitting a fan multiple times with his microphone. According to reports online, X was performing one of his well-known songs, “Look At Me”, in the middle of crowd surfing, when in a split moment several festival goers attempted to assualt the rapper. A fight quickly grew in the middle of the crowd, when then X was seen using his microphone as a way to defend himself. The pint sized rapper took to his Instagram to explain that he was only defending himself in the altercation. “I’m letting everyone know ahead of time that I punched someone in the face today because I was assaulted while I was performing,” the text read. “So before anybody sees the video and makes an assumption, I’m gonna beat everyone to it and let everyone know. Yo, I ended up punching someone because they punched me in my sh**.”

XXXTentacion is not a stranger to violent altercations. The Florida rapper have been accused of domestic violence abuse in the past from a former girlfriend. X was also on the receiving end of a unexpected blow, when he was knocked out onstage during a performance back in June. The incident left one person stabbed. 


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