Up-And-Coming Artist: Ven

When I decided to create this branch on my website, it was to give a platform for up-and-coming artists to tell the world about themselves and their music. The opportunity to build their portfolios of write-ups for their music. Ven is an artist who’s music I really enjoy, because it is close to a sound that I have always listened to, a sound I appreciate. “Circa ’16”, his debut mixtape was released this past August, described as an “unnamed piece of art from someone unknown” can be found on DATPIFF, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and others. (links down below) It would of been easy for me to just write a review on someone and move on to the next, but when you hear the music, you want to know who’s behind it. Ven took some time out of his day to share his thoughts on the industry, his creative process and why expressing yourself is a art in itself.


What is a typical day for Ven the artist?

As much as I’d like to be able to say all I do is spend my time meditating in the great outdoors, I do have certain responsibilities that don’t exactly line up with those intentions. However, whenever I’m out running errands or working some temp job I find myself practicing present moment thinking, or I visualize about my future. I’m listening to motivational speakers. I’m with my wife. I’m emailing. And occasionally, I’ll jot down a song idea or a lyric. 

What inspired you to name your EP, “Circa’ 16”?

I thought of it as being this unnamed piece of art from someone unknown that just popped up. No title; just a name and date to go off of. 

What genre of music would you say you fall under? And why?

I’d say I fall under the alternative hip-hop genre if I had to pick. Not only does the sound of my music alter from whats expected but a lot of my subject matter is untouched upon.

I have heard a few people call it meditative rap. That seems to give folks a clearer idea of my music. 

For someone who isn’t an artist, how would you clarify process of creating music?

It’s a similar process when Michaelangelo talked about creating David. He said the statue is already in the stone all I do is carve off the excess, or something like that. There is an infinite amount of sound in the ether. When it comes to making music all I do is tune out the excess. 

What steps did you take to get people to take you seriously as a musician?

Honestly, I still feel like I’m not taken seriously as a musician. I did just release my debut album two months ago so I totally understand. Really I can only control my thoughts and actions, not anyone else’s, so I try to relish in the freedom of that. 

What would you consider fatal mistakes indie artists are making with their careers?

Giving up. No matter the obstacles or the troubles the only real setback that you can ever truly have is a decision to give up. Everything else is just a series of events backing up that decision. The beauty about decision making is that once you decide on something the series of events that follows is always in favor of your decision. 

In your opinion, how important is it to have a public image and persona in the industry?

 I’d say it’s significant. Expressing yourself or another publicly (such as in advertising) can be just as much an art as anything. And it can be effortless or diligent. It can be changed and modified in interesting ways too.

Lastly, what personal advice would you give to someone who is looking to pursue a career in music?

I’d say go for it. If that’s within your heart to do then by all means let what’s in your heart unfold. This thought came to me to deliver the other day and it was, “Unwrap your gift a little bit each and every day”. That’s something I want to encourage within everyone, even beyond music.

You can find Ven on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, DATPIFF, Twitter, and Instagram.