Kanye West Trademarks “Yeezy Sound” For New Streaming Service 

Kanye West could be making big, big moves that can lead up to big, big money as new documents of a trademark application has surfaced online.

Yeezy sound


The trademark application was filed last week and states the name, “Yeezy Sound” would be used for the purpose of “streaming music, audio, images, videos and other multimedia content over the internet, mobile device, wireless networks, and electronic communications network.” The news of the new patent has left fans on social media stumped on whether West is starting his very own streaming service. There isn’t much information on what Yeezy Sound is, or what it could be, but people can only assume that it would continue the seemingly fading feud between West and Jay-z.

It was during the summer that Kanye decided to part ways with Jay-Z and tidal, over a financial dispute. Kanye accused the streaming company of breaching the contract that he held with them. He demanded that they terminate his exclusivity agreement so that he can stream his last album, The Life of Pablo, on other streaming apps. Kanye West also stated that Tidal owe him $3 Million dollars, which also impacted his decision to leave. A source told TMZ back in July that “Kanye West, a key player in Jay’s Tidal stable, left the company over a money dispute and Tidal threaten to sue him.”

This news of West trademarking the name “Yeezy Sound” comes after performing for the first time in Chicago over the weekend. West performed “Father, stretch my hands Pt. 1″ with longtime collaborator and friend Kid Cudi during his “Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin” tour. Kanye and Cudi have been spotted together all throughout the summer, in both China and Japan, before the announcement of Cudi’s multiple-city tour. Rumors started circulating that the two has collaborated on a project together. Although the two has been hushed about the collaborative rumors, Kid Cudi has announced during his tour that he does have “new music coming out really soon.”

With these two working together, how can anything go wrong?