#90sCupid Celebrating Valen-bae’s Day With Throwbacks From The 90s

Happy (early) Valen-bae’s day to all you sexy single and boo’d up ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow is a day to show love to those you care about and even to yourself. Although Valentine’s day has become a Hallmark holiday of chocolate hearts, funny cards and bouquets of flowers, we still manage to spend billions of dollars each year expressing our love to others. But if you are like me, you are single and waiting for the day after sales at our local Walmart.

So today, I decided to do something different, and create a playlist of the best love songs the 90’s has to offer. No disrespect for the R&B music of today, but it just doesn’t measure up to the soulful ballads of Toni Braxton, Jodeci, and TLC. Being a product of the late 80’s and early 90’s, I live through the sacred time of MTV and VH1 showing actual music videos on TV, and not reality TV shows. A time when radio stations such as WBLS and KISS Fm played segments of the “Quiet storm” late at night when you were supposed to be asleep. When Tevin Campbell sang of wanting to know the name of a special woman that he was watching (Can we talk?), while Dru Hill asked you what you wanted and how they could give it to you (Tell me). So whether you are celebrating with that special someone or flying solo this year, here are some timeless hits that get better with time.