Music Review: Cardi B Comes For Haters With Debut Album, ‘Invasion Of Privacy’

Cardi B said she was going to deliver, and that’s exactly what she did when she released her debut studio album, “Invasion of Privacy”, this past Friday. Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar has been breaking all type of records on the Billboard charts since she steps into the game a little less than three years ago. From being a popular exotic dancer in New York to joining the cast of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: New York, Cardi B has set the bar for the female rappers genre. Being the first female since Lauryn Hill (in 1998) to debut NO. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with “Bodak Yellow”, maybe the other female rappers should be just a tad bit worried. (Oh, and it is 5x multi-platinum.)

The whole album is RAW and unedited. Meaning, it is really Cardi B that you hear on this record. In my opinion, it is an album we have been missing in the industry. A lot of the female rappers don’t rap about the struggles of their personal lives as freely as Cardi B does on this album. (Sorry, Nicki!)

Get Up 10“, produced by Southside, who produced Kanye‘s “Facts“, “I got the keys” by DJ Khaled, and “Fuck up some Commas” by Future, is the first track of the album and it definitely sets the tone of her message. “A bitch play with my money? Might as well spit in my food. Bitches hated my guts, now they swear we was cool. Went from makin’ tuna sandwiches to makin’ the news. I started speakin’ my mind and tripled my views.” In this song, Cardi speaks of her rags to riches story, from dancing across the street from her school to being the only member of her family to see six figures. Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album, next to “Bodak Yellow“.

It only makes sense for Cardi to have a collab with the Migos. “Drip” was released a few days ago, giving her fans a taste of what to expect. The single is the second collab between the Migos and Cardi after the hit, “Motorsport” also featuring Nicki Minaj. Although the chorus is a little bland and boring in my opinion, it’s the lyricism of each verse that saves this song for me. Rapping about their own respectful success and addressing the haters, Cardi, Offset, Takeover and Quavious all take turns on the track produced by Cassius Jay, the Trap Sinatra.

The Migos aren’t the only ones to have a guest slot on Cardi’s debut. Chance the rapper, SZA, 21 Savage and a few others were also tapped in. ‘Invasion of Privacy’ plays out like an audio diary of Cardi’s life. From rapping about the difficulties of a relationship (Be Careful, Ring, and Thru Your Phone), being a Boss and doing what she wants to do (I do, Money Bags) to even comparing herself to Biggie and Tupac. Although I wish Cardi opened the theme of the album from haters, money, and infidelity, I can’t really complain. It’s life and it is her life. She is speaking freely about the things she has experienced during her 25 years and this is what we want from our artists. Authenticity.

But never did I change, never been ashamed. Never did I switch, story stayed the same. I did this on my own, I made this a lane. Y’all gotta bare with me, I been through some things. Went from small-ass apartments to walkin’ red carpets.”

Overall, ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ is a great album, I enjoyed it and not only walked away with some BOPS, but I know just a little more about Cardi than I knew beforehand. It’s both personal and it’s real.