Up-And-Coming Artists: Dante Leon

When you first hear the name, ‘Dante Leon’, you may wonder to yourself, who is he and what it is that he does? But you would be more than surprised by all of what this artist has accomplished and what he has in store for the world.



Born, the son and nephew of two recognized reggae musicians, Dante Leon credits music as the anchor which not only helps keep him grounded but also drives him to explore the world and his craft to further extents. From attending Art school at the tender age of 8 to his famous family members, music has been both a key factor and the central focal point in Leon’s life and career. However, it wasn’t until his High school years in Toronto, that the artist had his first taste of fame, establishing a name for himself in the ever-growing genre that has given us some of the best musicians and producers today: Drake, The Weeknd, Nav and more.

My own music is literally my life; things that I’m doing, things that I’ve done, how can I communicate that in a song through lyrics. – Dante Leon, Complex, July 2017

Destined to pursue his musical talents, but shifting his focus to building his songwriting and producing skills, Leon moved to Los Angeles in 2003. The move was proven to be both lucrative and life-changing as Leon started to work with Pop sensation Cody Simpson and Electronic music duo DVBBS. It would be these relationships that opened the doors for the artist to continue to build his brand and work with the likes of Justin Bieber, Roy Woods, Oliver Heldens, and many more. Although Leon continues to lend his songwriting and production expertise to renowned musicians, the 24-year-old artist has managed to master a sound that no other young artist of today has yet attained.


With the release of his latest single, ‘The Sky‘, Leon gives his listeners insight into the troubling reality of being an artist. The leading single, produced by Leon himself, illustrates the life of an artist dealing with the good and bad that the industry has to offer, but still loving the feeling of it. With the gentle, yet potent sounds of an acoustic guitar and the organic wordplay, Leon noticeably draws the attention of his fans with precision and ease. The 4-minute track will take you on a trip of the despair and tribulations often found in the mind of an artist.

“If I self destruct, I know where I’m going. I’m floating, I get high, and I try not to fall from the sky. Still I find, I’ve got pain that won’t go away. Let the truth be told, its my fault. Why I fly, in my skin and bones I can soar. I get high, I get high, I get high”

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