Muse Of The Week: Princess Nokia

It wasn’t hard for me to make Princess Nokia my next ‘Muse of the week‘, because everything she is and everything she stands for inspires me. When I was working at a different publication, I had written about the situation of Princess Nokia coming face-to-face with a racist prick. A situation that we can all find ourselves, unfortunately, involved in. It was this moment, where she stood up for those who were being bombarded with racial slurs and handled this man accordingly. That’s when I knew I was really going to like this woman.

As I started to listen to her music and even watch her videos, I discovered that there is a very strong, feminist outlook that she has about herself and of life. It was one of her videos from GENIUS, that had gone viral that caught my attention the most because of how elegantly she spoke about being the ‘Divine Feminine’. The way she spoke about herself with such confidence and knowledge about herself and her strength as a woman, it is something that we as women should all attain. Self-Knowledge.

Since 2010, Princess Nokia, born Destiny Frasqueri has released music that speaks intensely of her beliefs in urban feminism. Creating the podcast the “Smart Girls Club”, she further discusses her beliefs in feminism and healthy living. In an interview with Bullett Media .. Nokia describes herself as “a human, I was born out of my mother’s vagina. I exist in the outside world. I’m not just this pixel-perfect pretty brown girl on the Internet with little titties and cute pictures.” No, Nokia is definitely more than that.

Princess Nokia released her previously announced mixtape, “A Girl Cried Red”, on Friday, April 13th. “Yes, it’s not just a little touch of [emo] or it blended into hip-hop,” she told DAZE in February. “It’s real alternative music.” The project’s title is a reference to a lyric in the song “The Robot with Human Hair” by Gavin Dance.

We need more women like Princess Nokia in the industry, a place where men are deemed as the alpha and the omega and we are just found somewhere in the middle. When we can (and should) demand more respect without the fear of consequences. Princess Nokia is a woman who does not follow the status quo, in fact, she despises it because it does not allow her to be the artistic woman that she is. This is the reason why I chose her as my muse of the week.