Get Baked With this 4/20-Themed Playlist

Whether a fan of weed or not, you are probably well-aware that April 20th, also known as 4/20 is a day to celebrate marijuana, by smoking marijuana, wearing memorabilia with the plant printed on it, and etc. Some people may not even know where the name originated, and it is pretty simple. 4/20 corresponds to the numerical code for weed. People even claim that the 4/20 is a radio code used by law enforcement to describe finding someone smoking weed. Told you, pretty simple.

When you think of Rap music and weed smoking, it is pretty synonymous with each other. There isn’t a song out today that doesn’t make a reference to smoking weed (or any other drugs). Drug use has become a norm in the sense of artistic expression and an escape from things the person choose to run from. The influence of weed in music has been discussed in immense details from all types of musicians who believe it helps. The late Steve Jobs went as far as to say that marijuana use has helped him “relaxed and creative.” Author Sebastian Marincolo speaks elegantly on the drug by calling it both a “muse and inspiration” to one’s creativity.

Rappers have even gone as far as becoming investors of the potent drug; Snoop Dogg creating ‘Leafs by Snoop’, and developing up to 8 of his own strains, Wiz Khalifa creating his own strain, ‘Khalifa Kush’, and many more. Not only has weed proven to be a scientific drug

Today we celebrate the miracle drug by listing some of the most popular “marijuana” themed songs ever released. An ode to Mary Jane, while smoking Mary Jane.