Jhene Aiko Teams Up With Spotify For #420DAY

If you have ever listened to any of Jhene’s work or even listened to any of her interviews then you would know that she is a big fan of the “miracle drug”. During her interview with Nylon Magazine back in November, Jhene revealed that she experimented with psychedelics and marijuana at an early age. ““Growing up in California, I experimented with marijuana very young, and I had older friends, so I was drinking at a young age too.”

For the annual celebratory day of Marijuana, Jhene shared on her Instagram account that she has partnered with the streaming service Spotify and curated her own playlist of weed-themed jams. The playlist includes songs from her latest project ‘Trip’ (Sativa), Kid Cudi (Marijuana, Day N’ Nite, Mojo So Dope), Bob Marley (Three Little Birds), Bootsy Collins (I’d rather be with you), and many more.

Jhene also created a marijuana-themed snake game for fans to play while in a smoke haze. The snake game is actually a blunt that operates like the original mobile game. However, instead of an apple, the blunt snake is collecting weed buds. CLASSIC.