Kid Cudi And Kanye West Creates a Group, Album Set For June Release

After waiting for almost a year since the semi-released announcement of “Everybody Wins” in July of 2017, Kanye has not only confirmed the album but also gave us a release date. On Thursday (April 19) Ye took to his Twitter account and hinted at a grandiose moment that only he was aware of. It was only a few hours later, Kanye came back onto Twitter and announced the release his first studio album in almost two years.

Although Kanye never releases the name of his forthcoming album, he does mention that the album will only have 7 songs and will be released on June 1st. It was without missing a beat, Kanye also announced that he and his longtime collaborator and friend Kid Cudi is releasing their first album together June 8th, a week later. Kanye stated that they have created a music group together called, ‘Kids See Ghost’. Again, Kanye did not release the name of the album, but two albums back-to-back from Kanye is definitely more than we are worthy of.

Even the wife of Pablo, Kim Kardashian-West shared her opinion of the forthcoming album. The announcement broke the internet as “Kanye West”, “Cudi”, and “Kids See Ghost” trended on Twitter for hours after the news broke. Kanye also took the time to share the release dates of Teyana Taylor’s new album (June 22) and Pusha T’s new album (May 25). Back in November, CyHi The Prynce shared the fact that Kanye was producing the albums of all of his artists on G.O.O.D. Music, including Kid Cudi, exclusively. During an interview on the Grass Routes Podcast, CyHi The Prynce revealed that Kanye has been working extremely hard on EVERYBODY’s albums.

I got a project I’m doing with Ye that’s all produced by him. He’s doing it for every artist on the label. [Big] Sean’s got one that will be executive produced by him. Pusha [T]’s next album is strictly produced by him. Teyana [Taylor’s album], strictly [Kanye]. Kid Cudi’s, strictly [Kanye]. He does, like, ten beats a day.

This could be the reason why Kanye’s album will only have 7 songs. But we know Kanye, and if you look up the term, “Overachiever” you would probably see a picture of him. The Chicago native also shared a barrage of photos of prototypes of YEEZY Sneakers and Shoes that he has been working on during his hiatus from the public.